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Have you wondered how to better converse with customers across your native channels? If your current customer Experience (CX) processes feel clunky, it might be time to consider how to create a more friction-free, omnichannel workflow.

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Our client, SEEK recently shared exactly how they did just that.  Now, those aware of SEEK’s social media channels 25% more likely than those just aware of SEEK to say ‘SEEK provides advice, tips and training to help you with your career’ and 36% more likely to say ‘SEEK is always there to support me through my career’. SEEK achieved this by doubling-down on an omnichannel CX approach.

We’ll be hosting an exclusive webinar version of our hugely popular #IRL Lexercon. In it, we will be joined again by SEEK Social Media Marketing Manager – Holly Arrowsmith, and Lexer’s VP of Success – Kristy Malik.

You’ll hear how SEEK is extending its customer care beyond service interactions, and a vibrant discussion of the key challenges, and priorities for CX in 2019. And, how a combination of Humans, Technology, and Data create the right conditions needed to succeed with CX.

Behind any great data-centric success story is a Data Rockstar, in this case, Holly Arrowsmith, SEEK’s Social Media Marketing Manager and her team tell us what success looks like for them, providing inspiring tactics that you too can leverage.

What you’ll learn:

  • The key benefits of implementing an omnichannel CX tool
  • How SEEK overcame challenges of operating a lean team with Lexer’s Engage & Outbox tools
  • Best practice tips on how to best engage your customers
  • How valuable conversation history is in impacting NPS and advocacy
  • Priorities for enterprise business in CX in 2019

SEEK is the global leader in the creation and operation of online employment markets. They own leading jobs boards in Australia, New Zealand, China, Brazil, Mexico, Africa and across South East Asia and their reach extends to over 800,000 hirers and 180 million candidates.


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