One of the big banks uses Lexer Listen (social listening) to monitor mentions of their brand, manage risk and inform, amplify and monitor the effectiveness of campaigns across Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Blogs, Forums and News sites.

The bank has a range of complex, sensitive and high-value issues they need to monitor and manage across the business from customer care and risk to corporate communications and marketing. Social listening gives them a unique opportunity to monitor these platforms.

Lexer Listen has been the central channel for understanding market reaction and moving with their audience for over 2 years.

Social listening

A range of live dashboards, notifications and reports are utilised ongoing in each team, monitoring the key issues impacting each area. A recent example was the debate around the bank’s potential involvement in a new resources project. In this case, the bank used Lexer Listen to monitor media, influencer and customer reactions, engaging key individuals and releasing public information and announcements to clarify their position, address concerns, correct misinformation. This capacity to deliver an informed, rapid response helped them to re-engineer sentiment around their brand from negative to positive.

Campaign effectiveness and optimisation

In addition, targeted reports are created by teams on-the-fly for short-term campaigns and topics. This capability was used recently to monitor the effectiveness of a national TV, outdoor and online campaign celebrating a major milestone for the bank. In this case, Lexer Listen was used to monitor campaign messaging, identify influencers and detractors and adjust communications to focus on the best performing messaging and remove those that weren’t resonating.


Lexer Listen is relied on by the bank as their primary source of real-time customer, influencer and industry reaction to key issues.

Dashboards, notifications and reports are used to plan campaign communications, monitor communication effectiveness and identify risks and opportunities the bank can manage and capitalise upon to build brand health.

As a result, major PR crises have been avoided, reduced and turned positive, and overall campaign effectiveness has improved.

In addition, the bank’s management and leadership teams are more informed than ever before and able to understand market reaction in real-time.

The banking sector is one industry but also discover how Lexer Listen gives this Insurance Group and also Government sector the support and edge they need.