Discover how a State Government uses social listening for crisis management, community consultation, campaign optimization and recruitment.

Nine departments utilize Lexer Listen to solve a variety of challenges, from managing disasters to recruiting teachers in remote communities, understanding sentiment around major community projects to campaign amplification and monitoring. 

Tailored implementation and training

In only three weeks, Lexer created a tailored implementation, training and scoping approach for all nine departments to achieve unique outcomes for each department while leveraging Government-wide efficiencies.

Solution and impact

The client has seen value in a variety of ways across each department due to Lexer’s tailored approach to implementation and training. Here, we’ve summarized four interesting use cases.

I refined search strings, excluded some twitter handles, isolated locations and created the Command Screen.

Senior Media Consultant, Australian Government

Disaster relief management

Two Departments utilized Lexer Listen to manage a major natural disaster. The Department of Premier and Cabinet built live screens and notifications based on geolocation as well as keywords and local influencers to have the most up to date view of the crisis as it happened. The live social data insights were used in the crisis command centre to inform Ministers and Emergency responders in their media briefings, and the broader team in relief planning to specifically direct emergency services to individuals and areas most affected.

Crisis headquarters said it was extremely beneficial

Senior Media Consultant, Australian Government

Unfortunately, the events of the natural disaster led to a rise of scammers of disaster relief programs aiming to take advantage of desperate people in desperate times. In this case, the Office of Fair Trading used Lexer Listen to detect potentially fraudulent activity for investigation. 

Community consultation

When the Department of Natural Resources and Mines announced a major new project, they utilised Lexer Listen to understand feedback, author analysis, language used and sentiment towards the project to help to inform the strategic plan. They specifically asked what the major petitions were to this and other major projects.

More broadly, this research allowed them to identify projects and policies that aligned with the priorities of people in the community – social community consultation.

Campaign effectiveness reporting

The Treasury conducted a campaign around workplace safety to reduce the number of quad bike accidents and major accidents in remote areas. 

Lexer Listen monitored the effectiveness of these campaigns by calculating owned and earned reach, identifying influencers and supporters as well as the best performing content to optimize the campaign and report on its overall result.


The Department of Education and Training is experiencing a teacher shortage, especially in remote communities, so Lexer Listen was used to identify people interested in teaching to offer training and job opportunities.

“I was keen to test out how a Lexer dashboard would be beneficial for crisis communication teams across government.

Over a few hours, I refined search strings, excluded some twitter handles, isolated locations and created the Command Screen.

Feedback from crisis comms personnel was excellent, and those that worked in the crisis headquarters said it was extremely beneficial to be able to see the live feed as they worked.”

Senior Media Consultant, Media Reporting Unit, Strategy and Engagement, Department of the Premier and Cabinet (Australia).


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