We’re excited to officially release the official Lexer Tag (JavaScript) – enabling you to connect digital customer behaviors on your website & eCommerce store with in-store, CRM, loyalty and more.

For so long your online re-marketing has been centered around online behavior with anonymous cookies, from today known users (identified securely through PII) will have their online behaviors synced to their Lexer Identity, creating a true-360 view of your customers. If you’d like to see it in action book a live demo here.

Combine Digital Customer Behavior with Purchase & Email data for a true-360 view

Using Lexer’s end-to-end analytics, segmentation and activation tools you can now target someone on their spend, Experian profile, survey data, NPS scores, email open rates, and real-time digital behavior at once.

If someone recently opened an offer email, browsed online but didn’t buy online or in-store, you’ll know. Now you can create a valuable segment of customers who are nearly ready to buy, while also creating a suppression audience of people who have recently purchased.

Real humans, not cookies

At Lexer we’re only interested in real people we can identify, not cookies. So, the Lexer Tag specializes in just that. As soon as someone identifies themselves on your channels, via PII, usually email, we track and connect their digital behaviors to their Lexer Identity. Contact forms, eCommerce checkout, account login, sign-up to email or entering a sweepstake all provide this valuable link.

For anyone we can’t identify, we don’t track, because it’s a cookie guessing game – and other technologies specialize in that.

Quick-start or custom installation

Once you’re set up in Lexer you can install your Lexer Tag easily. Get your attribute and account keys from Lexer, drop in the code and you’re away.

Out of the box, Lexer Tag tracks all the things you’d expect like source, time, UTM, browser details and more.

If you have more you’d like to track that’s easy, update your code to send us whatever data point you want. Embed the JS code directly or use Google Tag Manager (GTM) to manage your Lexer Tag.

These behaviors are collected and updated in real-time – in a minute or less you’ll see recent visitor data coming through on customer profiles.

For the technically inclined you can see it in action on lexer.io and datarockstar.io (fill out a form or checkout) where we’ve installed it using Google Tag Manager to collect data from Hubspot (on our WordPress) and Shopify with debug mode on – you’ll see activity in Dev Tools Console. We’re publicly releasing the JavaScript SDK today, Android and iOS are in Alpha and coming soon.

Collect valuable behavioral attributes

Be more targeted with custom installation to collect any digital behavior you find valuable.

Behaviors like viewing a video, engaging with a section of your site, downloading a PDF, viewing pricing, clicking add to cart, shared something on social, anything you can track, we can collect.

Omni-channel segments updating in real-time

Thanks to the Lexer’s CDP these real-time data points will update your Tribes, in turn, updating your audiences across your digital ecosystem, from Facebook to Google Customer Match and on-site personalization to email marketing lists.

Using Identify, Lexer’s segment building tool, you can create valuable segments in no time.

Improve customer targeting & experience today with Lexer Tag.

We’d love to demonstrate the Lexer Tag, identify ways you can unify your customer data, improve your segmentation and targeting today.

Lexer’s Marketing Solution combines Lexer Integrate – to quickly connect eCom, retail, and email data sources, Lexer CDP to give a true 360 view of each customer, Lexer Activate – to target audiences across channels.

If you’re trying to understand the complex Marketing Technology landscape, our guide Navigating Martech unpacks the strengths and weaknesses of each type of technology, and how they fit together.


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