Easily and securely combine customer data to create a Single Customer View with this simple integration tool.

We’re excited to announce the launch of Lexer Integrate and a suite of new integrations that will reduce the time it takes to connect your customer data, create a single customer view and improve your results in Marketing and Customer Service.

Lexer Integrate is an advancement in Lexer’s open approach to customer data, enabling a seamless combination of customer data of any type or structure.

Brands like Spyder, Mountain Khakis and The Iconic are quickly implementing a single customer view and cross-channel activations. With minimal technical knowledge, users are empowered to add, connect and remove data sources.

“I came to this thinking a CDP is a tool for a marketer, and it’s actually had this side benefit of me being able to segment and analyse customers, which I would previously do in SQL” – Moe Kiss, Data Analytics Manager for The Iconic

Straightforward Integration of Third-Party Data for a Single Customer View

Latest Instant Integrations

Adding to our long list of data integrations, we’ve recently added these popular instant integrations:

  • Shopify
  • MailChimp
  • Sailthru
  • BigCommerce
  • Magento
  • Hubspot
  • Campaign Monitor
  • Email Inbox (Gmail, Microsoft Exchange, Office 365, Yahoo, etc)
  • Experian ConsumerView

Securely Integrate Any Data File

  • Drag and drop
  • SFTP
  • Amazon S3

Combine Any Customer Data Source

Using SFTP, AWS S3 or Drag and Drop, Lexer accepts customer data from any source in any structure. We consume and unify data from a wide variety of sources from CSV to CRM, mobile app to POS and call center data to bespoke eCommerce data.

Think of it this way: If you can get the data out, we can consume it.

One of our latest examples is leading online retailer, The Iconic, who quickly integrated Amazon RedShift data via Amazon S3, empowering their team to deliver segmentation, insights, and activations at new speeds.

Some Highlights of Our Upcoming Integrations

We’re adding new data sources and activations every week – some of the planned integrations include:

  • Demandware
  • Listrak
  • Emarsys
  • Oracle Bronto

Integrate Your Data to Deliver Results in Record Time

Lexer’s users are integrating and activating customer data in days, not months.

Recently at NRF, Mountain Khakis’ CEO shared how they used Lexer to achieve a single customer view, new customer segmentations and their impressive Black Friday results with only 22 days from contract signing to campaign launch.

We could dramatically increase revenue with a more targeted campaign.

Jeremy Hale, CEO of Mountain Khakis

Speaking at NRF on the success Jeremy Hale, CEO of Mountain Khakis commented: “We could dramatically increase revenue with a more targeted campaign through utilising the Lexer tools to organise all our customer information in one place, so we can be a lot more selective with our messaging.”

Integrated Data – Endless Possibilities

Here’s a taste of what you could do with some of the more popular integrations:

Email Engagement (e.g. MailChimp or Campaign Monitor)

Turn disengaged email subscribers into customers on alternate channels – see how Spyder did it. Combine email engagement rates with transaction data from eCommerce to see how any metric, like email open rates, impact spend. Enrich customer profiles with campaign engagement, open rates, and opt-in/out data.

We’re now able to spend as much time thinking about who we’re talking to as what we’re going to say.

Emily Cipa, PAS Group

eCommerce (e.g. Shopify or Magento)

Segment your customers by SKU-level data like product, color, category, variant and size for highly tailored and engaging communications across any channel. Target high-value customers who are likely to churn with a great offer or don’t target customers who purchased with you in the last 7 days to improve ROAS and reduce irrelevance.

Matching the offer to the persona yielded very low CPAs, enabling us to grow our database by 85%.

Nick Adcock, CEO, Spyder

Integrate Customer Data With the Highest Security

At Lexer, information security is our number one priority.

We’re SOC 2 audited and ISO 27001 certified and that’s why we’re trusted by enterprises large and small across retail, banking, insurance, telecommunications and government. Integrate is a fast, secure and GDPR compliant platform for you to load your valuable data into the Lexer CDP. Simply put, all data is handled with care.

Information and documentation relating to information security, privacy, GDPR and compliance (including notices and licenses) are set out in our trust and compliance section.

Lexer Integrate Helps You:

  • Quickly integrate data sources
  • Understand your current integrations
  • Find new integrations
  • Securely transfer data in a GDPR compliant method
  • Monitor the status of integrated accounts

Book an appointment with our team to learn how you can make the most of your data through integrations and activations.


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