As you may have read, in an industry first Lexer users have access to Experian ConsumerView™ and Experian Retail Data within Lexer’s Customer Data Platform enabling users to enrich their customer data and improve marketing and customer service.

So what does that mean exactly? Lexer users are enriching their existing customer data asset by adding Experian data to more deeply segment customers and prospects using Experian’s Household, ConsumerView, and brand new Retail data points.

With Experian data combined with their own in the Lexer CDP, our clients have new super-powers to segment and activate audiences with one single tool.

1. Segment by gender

It may seem obvious, but understanding the gender of your customers is imperative to delivering personalized messaging across all marketing channels.

You think you know your gender split of your customers but you are not sure: You have customer data so you know their past transactions but you don’t know the gender of your customers. Why is that important you ask?

By adding Gender to your customer and prospect file could reveal that while 60% of transactions are of men’s clothing and 40% women, your gender split is 80/20. We can assume that many are women are buying gifts for men (or doing their shopping for them) so you can use this insight to run gifting campaigns, or encourage women who bought mens clothes to treat themselves.

2. Target people based on where they’ve recently spent

Understanding where your customers are shopping and their product preference is advantageous when cross-selling. For example, you sell women’s apparel and are thinking about adding accessories to your assortment.

By adding Experian Past Purchase Retail data, you can understand what portion of your customers buy accessories. These insights help you to decide on product extensions and further, once you launch, you can target this group for new products.

Experian Retail data shows you what retail trends and areas your customers are interested in. Therefore you can find out when they’re purchasing from other brands.

Experian past purchase data connects you to consumers who’ve recently purchased in 38 product categories across bricks and mortar, catalog and online channels.

Audiences are created with detailed granularity to give ultimate control in developing data-driven targeted audiences based upon purchase recency, frequency and monetary value (RFM).

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Gaining actionable insight from your data has never been easier than with Experian. The double-play with Lexer Identify helps our clients to enrich their customer record with the best-in-market, demographic, financial and lifestyle data.

Experian’s powerful data source of 230M consumers and 110M households include household income, gender, education level, occupation, relationship status, decision making, Mosaic® segments and more.

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