Master your data in weeks

The Lexer Customer Data Platform serves as your all-in-one hub for insight-driven marketing, sales, and service. With an enriched single customer view, maintained in real-time and accessible across all platforms, you can genuinely engage customers and drive profitable growth.

Connect your customer data

The simplest data integration in the industry.

Fragmented data = fractured customer experiences. By transforming raw information from disparate systems into a single customer view, you can discover precise insights that help you attract, convert, and delight customers.

Cleanse and standardize

Accurate data for confident decision-making.

Messy, inconsistent, duplicated data hinders customer analytics and engagement. Lexer takes years of transactional and profile data from any system and creates a clean, consistent, de-duplicated record of every customer.

Fill the gaps in each profile

Target customers, not cookies.

Anonymous cookies are a thing of the past. Lexer Tag & Secure Forms enables people-based targeting by securely identifying users through PII and syncing their behaviors to their customer profiles within the CDP.

Using this synced browsing behavior, eCommerce checkout information, and supplemental information captured directly from the customer through secure contact forms, you can ensure your segments are as complete and accurate as possible.

Predict customer behavior

Customer-first and future-focused insight.

Businesses with the greatest agility and speed-to-action are the ones in the best position to succeed. Using the latest AI and marketing models, such as RFM, the Lexer CDP creates intelligent metrics and predicts what your customers will do next.

The CDP marketers love

We power customer acquisition and growth for the world’s biggest brands.

Enrich customer profiles with Experian

Learn the complex human characteristics of your customers and prospects by enriching profiles with Experian’s Lifestyle and Retail data. This rich dataset includes information such as age, income, lifestage, home ownership, channel preferences, and more. Insights from Mosaic will help you target high-value audiences with the messages, products, and offers most likely to resonate with them.

Integrate every channel

Put your data to work—everywhere.

Flexible integrations enable you to seamlessly move your data into any system securely. Analyze, warehouse, sync, or activate customer data in any platform. Using the Lexer CDP makes omni-channel analysis and activation easy.

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Drive marketing ROI, revenue and customer loyalty.


Lexer is committed to achieving and maintaining the trust of our customers, so security is at the core of everything we do.

Our robust compliance program carefully considers data protection matters across our suite of services and includes regular penetration testing, bank-level security certifications, and external accreditation.

For more information regarding security, privacy, GDPR and compliance, click here.