Put your data to work with Lexer Activate, your one-stop shop for sending audiences to Facebook, Twitter, Google, email and beyond.

Activate helps brands to seamlessly connect and sync audiences across all your marketing and advertising channels securely and in real-time allowing for highly measurable campaigns.

Tuned for audience targeting

Grow customer lifetime value and reduce wastage on ad spend through granular targeting in a single click.

Once you’ve created your audience and sent it off to your activation, we’ll send you an email to notify you when it’s live, so you can get on with being a Data Rockstar. It’s a cinch!

Dynamic, always-on audiences

Lexer Activate updates audiences automatically, so people are dynamically added or removed from your campaign when they show certain signals.

For example, you can now automatically:

  • Target churn risk customers with a win-back offer as soon as they show signs of defecting
  • Up-sell current customers with new product offerings
  • Send tailored creative based on campaign engagement

The auto-update feature can also remove current customers from campaign audiences so you can spend more time building their advocacy, not selling them something they’ve already bought.

Keep track of audiences

Ensure no-one is served the same message twice with a record of the people who’ve been in an audience, so you can exclude them from future campaigns.

You can also kick goals with compliance, with a complete history of all marketing messages you’ve sent each customer or prospect.

Talk to us today

Don’t hesitate to reach out to your Success Manager for more information about the feature and how it can help you become a Data Rockstar.

The Lexer Data Culture study also finds the top 3 key channels high performing brands are using data to win with personalisation are email, paid social and site.

Download the report now and to find out more about what high performers are doing to succeed in the pursuit for customer data-nirvana.


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