Deliver omnichannel customer care with the latest addition to your Engage inbox: email conversations.

The integration means you can now seamlessly continue conversations from Facebook to Email and deliver next-level customer care within an omnichannel inbox.

For those focused on email customer care, this update enables your team to step up the email service experience with powerful Engage features like intelligent inboxes, prioritised requests, full conversation history, activity reporting, NPS, next best action and enriched customer records.

Engage: omnichannel customer service

Lexer Engage's omnichannel experience

Uniting all channels in one inbox, Engage is your single source of truth for any customer.

  • Exceed SLAs with an efficient workflow
  • Contextual customer data via one singular view.
  • Personalised service.

Level up your email service capabilities

Celebrate service superstars with powerful analytics on response time and case volumes. Analyse the drivers of detractors with a granular view of NPS and benchmark email performance against other channels.

It’s a one-stop shop for service volume reporting, just like the inbox is for processing tickets.

Become a Data Rockstar with Lexer’s software and data

Here at Lexer, we make data simple so you can become a Data Rockstar.

That means centralising all your customer service touch points so you can deliver rockstar customer care.

Lexer Engage integrates with chatbots for a seamless experience, allowing you to send and receive authentication surveys to verify customers securely and offers a full view of customer history so you can deliver a contextual response.

If you want to level up your data rockstar journey even more, we can also help you drop the mic on disparate data, bringing it all together so you can deliver encore-worthy personalisation.

In short, we’re the data roadies here to help you deliver your next show-stopping performance.

And if you’d like to go on tour together, request a demo today.


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