Today, 83% of customers turn to digital channels for customer service (Accenture). As a result, there’s a huge opportunity to differentiate your brand in the market by delivering genuine social customer care, and our new feature, Lexer NPS is here to help you define exactly what that is.  

Lexer NPS allows customer service agents to send personalised NPS surveys on social and attribute scores to full profiles of each individual.

Today, companies like IAG NZ use it to understand key drivers of customer satisfaction, identify promoters and detractors, and understand who they really are outside of their interaction with the brand.

We asked them how Lexer NPS is important in delivering great customer care and Amelia Ritchie from IAG NZ shared her key insights.

“It’s a fantastic way for us to monitor performance, identify customer pain points and create a better experience online,” Amelia says.

Build customer trust with NPS

Research has shown that 64% of people are more likely to trust a brand that interacts positively on social media (Sensis Social Media Report 2017), and, for Amelia, using Lexer NPS to seek feedback from customers has been crucial in building great relationships.

The estimated cost of customers switching due to poor service is $1.6 trillion.


“Lexer NPS helps us get closer to our customers and find out what makes a great experience for them,” she says.

“Being able to attribute NPS scores to individual customers is really powerful.”

Great social care leads to loyalty

Today, 42% of customers expect a response within one hour (Convince and Convert). This proves that response time is an important metric, but what about the quality of the actual engagement?

NPS methodology captures a qualitative view of each engagement, one which IAG NZ are using to gain a more holistic view of their service performance.

“When people reach out to us on social, we can use a full conversation history and their past NPS scores to deliver an informed and authentic response.”

Afterall, research has shown that good NPS scores directly correlate to customer loyalty (Temkin Group) and 52 percent of consumers switch providers due to poor customer service (Accenture).

Show why social is the future of customer care

Support interactions on social cost 1/6th of those in a call centre (McKinsey), so for IAG NZ, Social NPS is as much about reporting on team performance, as comparing success to more conventional service channels.

“NPS is a universal reporting language for customer service types, so it’s really helped in benchmarking our success against other departments and building a compelling business case for social service,” Amelia says.

Beyond customer service

Through Lexer Identify, the feature also allows brands to analyse a customer’s NPS score alongside other attributes like their customer spend, brand engagement, interests and life stages to inform segmentation and targeting.

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