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Orchestrate personalised marketing across paid and owned channels to reduce wasted ad spend and improve conversion rates.

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Drive marketing ROI, revenue and customer loyalty.

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Profile, segment and target like never before

All your customer data together at last

360° customer profiles accessible anytime, anywhere

Simple dashboards for self-serve insight

Create valuable customer segments in seconds

Always-on audiences on any channel updated in real-time

Know the true ROI with holistic reporting

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Real-time single customer view

Harness our customer segmentation software to transform fragmented, raw information into customer data that marketers can understand and use.

  • Combine all of your purchase, product, loyalty, digital behaviour and engagement data into unified customer profiles.
  • Predict lifetime value, their next likely spend date or which product they’ll buy next with Machine Learning.
  • Enrich your data with third-party demographic, location and propensity data – or wash your data with partners to create a holistic customer view.
  • Updated in real-time, accessible across channels so you can create meaningful omni-channel experiences.

Be confident in your data.

Enhanced customer profiles

Marketing- Enhanced customer profiles

Understand every customer

Turn complex, inconsistent data into simple to use attributes that predict customer behaviour, purchase patterns and summarise their whole relationship with you.

  • Intelligent profiles summarise products purchased, campaigns they’ve engaged with, how many orders they’ve made, where they shop and more.
  • Predicted attributes like lifetime spend, next purchase prediction, channel preference and churn risk mean you understand customers better than ever.
  • Simple attributes built from advanced analytics and presented simply – spend more time thinking, less time chasing data.

Insight without a data scientist.

Make great decisions to acquire & grow customers

Identify acquisition and growth opportunities in just a few clicks.

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No need to be a data scientist. Use marketer-friendly dashboards to self-serve insight to inform your marketing strategy. Understand if your sales are coming from new or returning customers and how your marketing impacts them.

Compare groups of customers by purchases, online/offline transactions, marketing engagement, external data and online behaviours to uncover powerful insights to drive your strategy.

Make great decisions, every day.

Deliver bottom-line results

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Create actionable segments

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Drive relevance and results

Use best practice segments or easily build your own to create groups of real people, using real data.

  • Segment by product interest, churn risk, buyer behaviour, campaign or channel preference.
  • Find and profile high value customers – to build targeted acquisition lookalike audiences.
  • Understand purchasing behaviour to identify opportunities to target customers with specific products.
  • Identify inactive & lapsed customers for re-activation and active high-value customers for retention.

Create segments that work.

Effortless targeting

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Optimize every channel

Quickly activate your segments in paid & owned channels in as little as 3-clicks. Combine or exclude audiences to rapidly deploy highly targeted campaigns.

  • Send audiences to every channel to deliver omni-channel targeting. Audiences auto-update while you work, optimizing always-on and campaign results.
  • All in real-time. A customer buys a product, exclude them from the campaign in every channel. They open a campaign email, target them on social advertising.
  • Don’t miss an opportunity to target them in their preferred channel. Target email opt-out customers in paid media.

The right message to the right customer, every time.


David O’Rorke, Head of Performance Marketing

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With eCommerce, app, NPS and engagement data accessible in a CDP, THE ICONIC are re-engaging lapsed customers, lowering return rates and launching new offerings to the right audiences.

  • Finding insights faster

  • Powerful segmentation
    Omni-channel personalisation

Demonstrate real impact with bottom line reporting

Go beyond media metrics by using purchase behaviour to understand bottom line impact of any campaign.

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Analyze spend, demographic, loyalty and channel of every customer in your campaign. With these powerful metrics in your hands you can confidently communicate impact.

Use these insights to drive your next strategy, optimise your segments or tailor your message to easily improve results.

  • Did a campaign drive immediate sales?
  • Did it appeal to new or old customers?
  • Did they engage on email or paid media?
  • Did they skew female or male?

Let customer results drive you.

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