Life at Lexer

​Join us on our ambitious journey to transform the retail experience with a values-driven culture, life-friendly offices in Australia and U.S, and an opportunity to do your best work.

Mentor, meet mentee

At Lexer, we believe that leaders are made, not born. We want to help everyone become the best they can be—and that kind of nurturing rarely occurs in a silo.

Our team is full of talented and willing mentors who inspire others to take control of their growth. For the bright, hungry, and capable individuals just starting their journey here, we provide endless learning opportunities and mentorship from across the entire organization.

Leaders benefit from the fresh perspectives of newcomers, and newcomers benefit from the wealth of talent and experience on our team.

Passion for innovation

Building next-generation tools for retailers is no simple feat. We’re always challenged, always innovating, and always with a smile on our faces.

The Lexer team is full of bright-minded people bringing fresh ideas to data, retail, product, and the customer experience as a whole.

With a commitment to continuous improvement, we each bring a driven and self-motivated energy to everything we do.

Lexer is not just our workplace—it’s the perfect place to pursue our passions.

A Value Driven Culture

Our company values

We’re brought together by a strong sense of family.

With mutual care and respect for all members of our team, we’re always willing to lend a helping hand, celebrate moments of togetherness, and, heck, we even cook for each other!

The recipe for greatness? Respect, rest, challenges, and support—all underscored by a tight-knit community.

The brightest crayon in the box.
Bring a bold, focused, curious, and rested mind to every moment. Be a fantastic individual in an incredible team.
The friend others depend on.
Always commit to the mission, deliver on your promises, and work hard for the best outcome.
Actions speak louder than words.
Be proactive and engaged with the goings-on of the whole business; always adding value where you can, and support where you can’t.
Own the day.
Every decision you make has the chance to cost or save our clients, our reputation, and our growth. React, respond, and balance the long and short term value of your actions.
Lover, not a fighter.
Bring heart and care to our clients, your team, your craft, and yourself.
A laugh a day keeps the doctor away.
The daily grind can be exhausting, so have a laugh, grab the mic, love your quirks, take a joke, and bring a little crazy.

What do Lexis say?

Brenner Bodell

Account Executive

“I was attracted to Lexer because it seemed like a great, innovative product with a ton of potential—backed by a great culture—and when they mentioned the annual ski trip in Australia, I was sold. It’s an agile company where trust is put into every employee, allowing employees to be challenged and provide real value. Opportunities like Lexer don’t grow on trees!”

Emma Di Giovanni

Manager, Support

“I love Lexer’s culture! There are no giant egos and crazy hierarchy issues to contend with; everybody works together harmoniously, and no one believes that their time is worth more than yours. If something needs doing, Lexis roll up their sleeves and pitch in to get the job done.”

Matt Molloy

Manager, Product

“What I enjoy most about Lexer is the actual work we do, the problem-solving required, particularly on the product team. We get a lot of autonomy to solve problems and I really enjoy working in that way. Everyone is very welcoming and friendly so the transition to a new role here won’t be as daunting as it seems. You’ll be kicking ass before you realise.”

Our Open Roles

Currently seeking​ new Lexis