4 ways Lexer’s CDXP helps you know your customers (even when you have millions)

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In order to satisfy your customers you must first know them. Lexer’s CDXP helps you reach that deep understanding so that you can improve customer experiences and grow your business.


Your customers are complex, with unique needs and behaviors that influence the way they purchase and connect with your brand. To retain their business you need to understand the nuances of their characteristics to create the experiences that engage and satisfy them.

But how do you achieve customer understanding, particularly when you’re dealing with a vast audience?

This is where Lexer’s customer data and experience platform (CDXP) can help. Lexer’s platform provides a deep customer understanding by unifying customer databases and delivering the capability to create detailed customer segments and profiles with ease. Lexer gives you the power to understand all of your customers on an individual level so that you can satisfy them, even if you have millions.

What is a CDXP?

A CDXP is a form of customer-centric software that helps retailers take a more data-driven approach to satisfying their customers. With a CDXP, retailers can take a deep dive into customer behaviors, compiling demographic, psychographic, behavioral, and geographic data all onto a single platform.

Some CDXPs, like Lexer, take things a step further by making actions like launching advanced customer segmentation, tapping into predictive analytics, and creating enriched customer profiles as seamless as possible. Better yet, Lexer’s CDXP is the only one designed specifically for retail and can be fully utilized without the hands-on need of an IT or data science team. With Lexer CDXP you can understand and engage with your growing audience of customers across channels, regardless of its size.

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Why you need to know your customers

Your customers don’t just desire personalized experiences but they expect them. According to McKinsey, 76% of your customers will get frustrated when their experience isn’t personalized enough. Personalized experiences will not just satisfy your customers, but retain their business long after their first purchase.

Knowing your customers ensures that you can properly personalize their experiences to meet and even exceed their needs. When you understand your customers’ unique behaviors you’ll be able to tailor your messaging to specific customer segments to drive engagement and sales. Your customers’ needs are bound to change too and using Lexer’s CDXP to track these behavioral changes will help keep your brand top-of-mind.

How Lexer’s CDXP helps you know your customers

There are many tools within Lexer’s CDXP that help retailers achieve deep customer understanding and can all be launched on the fly across various teams and departments. With this ease of access, you can realize results quickly that’ll directly benefit your brand and your customer experience.

Capture zero- and first-party data

Lexer’s CDXP is powered by zero- and first-party customer data. These data forms are a step above depreciating third-party data in that they are submitted voluntarily by customers, ensuring far greater accuracy, while also avoiding the ethical pitfalls of third-party data. Zero-party data is typically captured through website activity, subscription information, or customer profiles. Meanwhile, first-party data is often captured via purchases and customer support programs and will include a wealth of valuable information such as purchasing behavior, interests, and demographics.

Lexer’s CDXP helps you mesh zero- and first-party data together to create a more detailed picture of who your customers are. With this data, you can craft fully personalized customer experiences that engage and satisfy during every step of the customer journey.

Create a single customer view

Lexer’s CDXP gives you the tools to break down the barriers of siloed customer databases to create a single customer view. With the Lexer platform, you’ll be able to tie customer behavior, purchasing history, and preferences together into a single customer view that is accessible across teams and departments.

A single customer view will help your teams work on a unified front, creating marketing and customer touchpoints that are all based on an accurate and comprehensive customer database.

Launch advanced customer segmentation

In order to know and satisfy all of your customers, you’ll need to launch advanced segmentation to ensure your messaging continues to resonate across audiences. Lexer’s CDXP helps you create highly specific customer segments based on behaviors, purchasing history, and a wide variety of other customer attributes.

Using Lexer’s Smart Search you can sort through your customers based on highly granular characteristics such as gender, time to purchase, and products purchased. Want to target a segment of customers that purchased leopard print shoes with a promotion on leopard print pants? With Lexer’s CDXP this kind of nuanced product-focused segmentation is not only possible but it’s launched easily.

Utilize customer profiles to understand customer behaviors

Lexer’s CDXP gives you the power to create highly-detailed customer profiles that can inform marketing decisions and help you seek out lookalikes. These customer profiles are robust as they capture a 360-view of who your customers are, their interests, the purchases they’ve made, and any other interactions they’ve had with your brand.

Using the latest in A.I and marketing models, Lexer’s CDXP helps you tap into your customer profiles to predict exactly what your customers will do next. This advanced understanding of customer behavior can help you adjust your marketing to incoming trends and ensure that your customer experiences remain personalized and engaging no matter what the future holds.

To learn more about how Lexer’s CDXP can help you know and satisfy your customers, use the calendar below to book a demo of the platform.


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