Mountain Khakis boosts sales 49% in 22 days with a CDP

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In just 22 days the outdoor apparel retailer launched new data-informed campaigns just in time for Christmas, the most important time of year, launching with Black Friday Sales.

Learn how a CDP helped to turn their business around, by enabling accessible customer data, self-service new insights and targeting more of their best customers. The initial campaigns led to a 47% increase in total customers and 49% revenue uplift.

Mountain Khakis: Mountain-inspired apparel from Jackson Hole

Legend has it that Mountain Khakis was born on the back of a napkin in a Jackson Hole bar, and aimed to be a supplier of hard-wearing, mountain-inspired apparel.

The original concept was pretty simple: to make a more durable outdoor trouser
Jeremy Hale, President

Since its inception, the brand has launched a host of new categories, including accessories, shirts, shorts and women’s wear.

Mountain Khakis has a distribution model of 40/60 direct to wholesale. Whilst wholesale channels are growing revenue, they were experiencing a 20% YoY revenue decline, 3 years in a row on the direct side.

This is where we are right now and that’s not okay. We have to do something.
Jeremy Hale – President

There was a need to stop the decline and an opportunity to make this a more profitable channel. To seize this opportunity, it was vital they genuinely understood their customers. This was the starting point for their CDP journey –  to understand why they were losing customers and revenue, and how to turn it around – fast.

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