Spyder, the world’s largest specialty snowsports brand, used Lexer to gain an unprecedented view of their best customers, increasing their database by 85% and growing campaign revenue by 94%.

The Lexer Customer Data Platform revealed 20% of Spyder customers make up a massive 81% of total revenue, and, with Lexer Identify, they segmented these high-value customers into three clear personas.

Using Lexer Activate, Spyder targeted lookalikes of each persona with tailored sweepstake offers on Facebook to grow their database with quality prospects.

Here’s how this cost-effective approach to prospect acquisition saw their email list grow by 85% and revenue from subsequent campaigns increase by 94%.

For a full version of the story, including the data sources consumed and a breakdown of the personas involved in the campaign, download the case study now!

Segmented targeting grew database by 85%

Knowing who your best customers are makes it so much easier to find more of them, so Spyder launched a series of sweepstakes campaigns on Facebook targeting lookalikes of high value personas to grow their prospect database.

Matching the offer to the persona yielded very low CPAs, enabling us to grow our database by 85%.

Nick Adcock, CEO, Spyder

Creative Execution Example: Families

Each segment received a tailored competition offer inviting them to fill in their details to go into the draw to win. And many, many did! The success of the campaigns slashed the cost of acquiring new prospects and saw Spyder’s database grow by 85%.

Rich prospect base increases email revenue by 94%

A rich database of qualified, opted in leads has leveled up Spyder’s email marketing strategy.
Spyder EDM creative

Today, content-focused EDMs generate 52% more revenue and promotional messages see a 94% uplift per campaign.

Spyder found their best customers

Persona Product Illustration

Lexer makes data simple, so data rockstars like Spyder can deliver amazing customer experiences and show-stopping ROI.

Our Customer Data Platform brings data together to help you find high-value customers, create customer personas and cost-effectively acquire more of them.

Find out more about CDPs and how they fit into the martech mix with Navigating Martech: The Complete Guide.

To learn more about using a CDP to find your best customers, read our guide to RFM modeling and dive deeper into lifetime value with this recent post.




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