Our Data Rockstar series profiles brands who’re delivering value from data – and kicking goals in the process. We admire brands who are moving towards a more data-centric culture and applying their data in unique ways. They are the embodiment of Data Rockstars. 
In this article, we dive into the importance of personalisation and the journey one client took to making more data-focused business decisions.

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Cultural shift leads to max gains

The PAS Group is a house of seven female apparel brands, from swimwear to corporate wear, revolutionising how data is applied to their portfolio of brands. PAS has implemented a Customer Data Platform which in turn has helped to reduce wasted ad spend, re-engage lapsed customers and create amazing experiences.   

Merging businesses means merging technology

Over the past 14 years, The PAS Group has acquired a multitude of established brands into its portfolio, each with unique data systems. Until the implementation of a Customer Data Platform, the benefits of a single customer view remained out of reach. The PAS Group is now using data to inform personalisation across all marketing channels, target loyalty members and attract new shoppers with relevant offers. The result has been an 18X return on ad spend.

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Success worth sharing

The PAS Group is a great example of a Data Rockstar leading the charge and driving change from the top down. Speaking about the journey at Ragtrader Live, Group GM of Digital, Anna Samkova said:

Having all our data linked, structured and accessible has really helped us to become more data-centric in our decision making.

Continue reading about how PAS achieved an 18X return on ad spend here.



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