How a single customer view helped a national retailer reduce ad wastage, re-engage lapsed customers and create amazing customer experiences.

With some of the most-loved brands in Australia like Review, Jets and Black Pepper, the PAS Group earns 75% of their sales from loyalty members.

Since 2004 the group has progressively acquired a diversified portfolio of well-established brands and is one of Australia’s largest apparel businesses, covering both the retail and wholesale segments of the market.

In their quest to grow revenue in a highly competitive category, they used Lexer to achieve rockstar level understanding of what makes their audience tick (and click).

Speaking about the journey at Ragtrader Live, Group GM of Digital, Anna Samkova said campaigns are now powered by unique segments targeting shoppers with relevant products and offers across channel.
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Having all our data linked, structured and accessible has really helped us to become more data-centric in our decision making.

Anna Samkova, GM Digital

Here’s how the Lexer Customer Data Platform (CDP), Identify and Activate helped PAS reduce ad wastage, re-engage lapsed customers and create encore-worthy experiences for high-value customers.

Together at last: eCom, CRM and Loyalty

Using Lexer, PAS unified online and offline purchase data with loyalty and email engagement data into a practical tool for decision making and action.

PAS’s entire customer universe is now searchable in Lexer Identify, and the team can easily segment their database by attributes like:

  • Color preference
  • Purchasing behavior
  • Lifetime value
  • In-store or online purchasers
  • Customer loyalty

With Lexer’s segmentation tools we can get to the insight quickly and easily.

Anna Samkova, GM Digital

Smart segments deliver 5X forecasted revenue

With a holistic view of their customer data, the PAS Group has hit the ground running with targeted campaigns on paid social and email.

For example, an end of season paid social campaign targeting lapsed customers achieved a 4X ROI on ad spend. PAS used Lexer Activate to create an audience on Facebook and designed a Facebook carousel using the most popular styles for this audience found in Lexer Identify.

Lexer made it so easy to create audiences on email and Facebook.

Anna Samkova, GM Digital

An email campaign targeting recent eCommerce customers yielded 5x the forecasted revenue. Overall, the campaign returned an 18X ROI with research, segmentation and activation all happening within a single business day.

Targeted campaigns drive amazing customer experiences

With rich customer profiles now part of PAS’s everyday workflow, data forms the cornerstone to all segmentation, product planning and customer engagement strategies.

It’s a true single customer view that helps PAS rock their customers’ world and become data rockstars.

It’s so powerful to be able to do the customer research, segmentation and activation within a single tool.

Anna Samkova, GM Digital

Join the data rockstar tour

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