Spyder, the world’s largest specialty snowsports brand, used Lexer to bring e-commerce, product and engagement data together.

Finding 20% of customers makeup 81% of total revenue, Spyder identified three unique customer personas of high-value customers.

This article breaks down these segments and the data sources used to define them.

To read how Spyder put these insights to work to achieve a 94% increase in campaign revenue, download the full story now!

With a 241% higher lifetime value than the average customer, Spyder uncovered a huge opportunity to target this segment with a loyalty play, particularly as kids grow quickly!

Brand Loyalist Customer Persona

These frequent buyers are likely to live close to popular ski destinations. With a 3X higher lifetime value than the average customer, brand loyalists are great candidates for up-sell campaigns.

Affluent Off-Mountain Customer Persona

Based in the major cities, winning back these one-off purchasers in time for next season is crucial.

Segmented targeting grew database by 85%

Knowing who your best customers are makes it so much easier to find more of them, so Spyder launched a series of sweepstakes campaigns on Facebook targeting lookalikes of these personas to grow their prospect database.

Matching the offer to the persona yielded very low CPAs, enabling us to grow our database by 85%.

Nick Adcock, CEO, Spyder

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