What can we learn from the biggest TV show in history, and how could this help us understand the people who love it? We studied a selection of GoT fans (3.4 million to be precise) and found some surprising, fun and unexpected insights.

Analyzing Lexer’s human data in our Customer Data Platform (CDP) it’s possible to understand any group of people in interesting ways. It could be an audience of a given TV show, TV station or any publisher to inform media and creative strategy.

So to celebrate a fiery end to Game of Thrones season 7, we’ve analyzed what defines a Game of Thrones fan: who they are, what they like and what makes them stand out from the average Joe, John or Joffrey.

What we learnt? Not what you’d expect… with rap supergroups, ex WWE heartthrobs and medieval sports featuring prominently, the results are compelling and hilarious, and definitely sum up a few superfans here at Lexer. Are you a GoT fan? Does this describe you?

Archery the top sport

Perhaps inspired by John’s squeeze, Ygritte, our research reveals that GoT fans are 55 times more likely to be interested in Archery than the average population, with their top 3 favourite sports being Archery, Taekwondo and Table Tennis.

Javelin and Dragon Riding did not appear in the results. 

Spurs, West Coast Eagles and Arsenal FC dominate

Speaking of sports, we had a look at the teams GoT fans are most likely to swear allegiance to.

In NBA it’s the San Antonio Spurs, NFL the Patriots, AFL the West Coast Eagles and EPL, Arsenal FC.

Our favourite stat? The NRL team they bend the knee to is the St George Illawarra Dragons. C’mon, that can’t be a coincidence.


GoT fans love The Rock, more than the mountain?

To our surprise and delight, GoT fans are 20 times more likely to follow The Rock, Dwayne Johnson than the average population. Not to be confused with The Mountain, aka Ser Gregor Clegane.

But, before you spend millions securing The Rock’s endorsement, he’s not the top influencer for GoT fans. It’s actually TV show “Silicon Valley” star on the rise, Kumail Nanjiani who ranks highest as being the most followed and influential within GoT fans – beating out other big names like Stephen King, Chris Evans and Ryan Reynolds.  

Genre favourites are straight outta westeros

In music, Hip Hop is super popular, with GoT fans 27 times more likely to be interested in iconic 90s rap group, NWA than the average population. 

Could a possible Ed Sheeran-esque cameo be on the horizon using this data? These insights point to Ice Cube being the ultimate integration, maybe he’s the secret weapon needed to defeat the White Walkers!

You might naturally think Adventure, Action and Fantasy genres would be the most popular with GoT fans. However, love for Thriller and Horror genres dominate across Video Games, Film and TV, and we predict the next show they’ll be binge watching on Monday nights will be American Horror Story or, predictably, The Walking Dead. 

Want to genuinely understand your audience?

While Game of Thrones is interesting and fun, this approach to analysing customers, prospects, competitors and your category can lead to powerful insights and action for our clients.

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