CDP shows 81% of Spyder’s revenue from 20% of customers

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Spyder, the world’s largest specialty snowsports brand, used the Lexer CDP to bring data together and identify their best customers.

The result? A holistic view of lifetime value revealing a small number of customers account for a lion’s share of their revenue.

This article covers the data sources onboarded to achieve this unique view of customer value distribution. To learn what Spyder did next, download the full case study now.

Identifying high-value customers with a single customer view

Using Lexer, Spyder unified e-commerce transactions with email engagement and product category data to provide rich insight into past purchases, lifetime value and product preference for every single customer.

A clear view of customer value distribution led to a compelling insight: The top 5% of their customers account for 67% of all revenue, and the top 20% contribute 81%.

“It became clear that we had a very loyal group of customers who had a material impact on our bottom line,” said Spyder CEO, Nick Adcock.

“To grow revenue, we needed to focus on retaining them and acquiring new customers with similar qualities.”
– Nick Adcock, CEO, Spyder

So, who were they?

Spyder found high-value customers fell into three unique personas. Download the case study now to learn who they are, and how tailoring offers to each segment achieved a 94% email revenue uplift.

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