At Lexer, we help make complex data simple for retail businesses, who, as you’d imagine, have vastly different types of data, in various systems, formats, and quality.

We’re looking to expand our team of Data Wranglers to help normalise, clean, match, load and analyse the 500+ terabytes of data we manage, using tools such as Python, Apache Spark, and AWS.

This role is perfect for someone at the start of their career.

The full story:

Lexer’s customers have vastly different types of data, in various systems, formats, frequencies and levels of quality, all of which need to be accepted, analysed, normalised, cleansed, matched & loaded. We do this using our proprietary tools and scripts written in Python, Ruby, and Scala. Running through Apache Spark, AWS Glue, PostgreSQL and more. 

A day in the life of a Data Wrangler involves working with these vast data sets and using our skills and experience to turn often messy, inconsistent, infrequent & unstructured data into a polished, accurate, and unified data asset in Lexer’s Customer Data Platform.

We run a tight agile ship with a small team, take pride in our innovation, work closely as a company, work hard at growing our team’s skills and abilities, and are obsessed with data.

We love people who take pride in their work, obsess over the details (but still ship often), people who want to work with others on challenging problems and people who will help each other at clearing roadblocks that get in the way.

Although this role expects industry experience, we’re open to speaking with developers who might be looking for a change of perspective – as we see this role being as much about developer experience as it is about services and servers.


  • Securely: Accept data from clients and partners
  • Review: Score, analyse and outline the quality of data provided, and the effort required to purify provided data
  • Analyse: Manipulate and script processes to achieve desired data outcome
  • Execute: Monitor and complete cleaning, processing and importing of data
  • Review: Validate and report on the quality and accuracy of completed data project
  • Experiment: And innovate on ingested data and data processes

We’re hoping you have:

  • Experience gathering actionable insights from one or many data sets.
  • Experience in building reports from various datasets to be presented to a wider audience
  • Experience in manipulating data for cleansing or analysis
  • Experience delivering work based on imperfect datasets
  • Have some experience working with data analysis tools or programming languages

In return you’ll be rewarded with:

  • opportunities to develop into other teams and roles in a rapidly growing and evolving company.
  • A diverse culture of values-driven, super smart people, who like to have fun and are passionate about our mission.
  • A flexible, friendly, and inclusive work environment
  • Being part of our many team rituals including daily trivia, and outside of the current Covid-19 lockdowns: cheese & wine Wednesdays, team cooked lunch Fridays and so much more…
  • As well as heaps of team social events like our annual company ski-trip, Christmas family and friends event, team karaoke nights, trivia nights and team dinners

Sound like the job for you?

Got what it takes to work with us? Great! Send us a link to your LinkedIn profile or portfolio.

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