At Lexer, we help make complex data simple for retail businesses, and our roadmap is jam-packed full of market-first features. We’re looking for backend developers to code, test and ship deep integrations with the data platforms (e.g. Mailchimp, Shopify etc.) that our clients use and to help design and build the next generation of our data ingestion APIs.

Behind the scenes, we have built a data ingestion and processing pipeline (mostly written in Python and Scala) that is tied together using AWS technologies such as Lambda and SQS. This pipeline is responsible for importing retail data (e.g. transactions, conversions, customer attributes, etc.) from many different sources and indexing it into Elasticsearch.

This role is ideal for someone in their first few years of development – but we are open to all experiences.

Although most of our team are located in Melbourne, Australia – We are open to Australian based remote workers.

The full story:

The Lexer Customer Data Platform helps brands and retailers genuinely understand their customers and engage them with the experiences they deserve.

How? Our Tech Team manages a complex data processing pipeline that churns through over 5.5 Billion data points a day; built with Python, Scala, PostgreSQL, Elasticsearch and lots of AWS. All of this data is available to our users via our front end user interface – a single-page React application powered by a Rails back-end. The tools are used hundreds of times a day by some of the world’s most recognised brands.

As our business grows, so does the number of platforms we need to support, and the volume of data increase. We’re expanding our Tech Team to help maintain and grow our well-oiled machine.

We run a tight agile ship with a small team, take pride in our innovation, work closely as a company, work hard at growing our team’s skills and abilities, and are obsessed with data.

We love people who take pride in their work, obsess over the details (but still ship often), people who want to work with others on challenging problems and people who will help each other at clearing roadblocks that get in the way.

In the first few months you will:

  • Build new integrations in Python with third party data platforms (we currently have ~25 integrations, e.g. Shopify, Mailchimp, etc.)
  • Maintain our existing integrations, keeping up to date with changes to third party APIs and ensuring that they continue to help our clients meet the outcomes they require
  • Become the subject matter expert on how to best work with the systems we integrate with

In the future, you will:

  • Develop our integrations into a robust, scalable and reliable data connection system that our users can configure and manage themselves
  • Target integrations directly into the new Lexer Customer API
  • Explore real-time streaming and webhook integrations to help our users put their data to work


  • Build: Help us achieve our goals by developing new features, tools, and platforms with our growing team of developers
  • Support: Be a great peer to respond to, and resolve, issues that arise around our platform
  • Optimise: Constantly improve and optimise our platform to improve stability, performance, and usability
  • Innovate: Work with the entire team to find new opportunities to build, support and optimise

We’re hoping you have:

  • Production experience with Python (or maybe Ruby, Scala, or other languages)
  • Experience with writing code that uses AWS services such as SQS, S3, Lambda, ECS, API Gateway etc
  • Experience with Elasticsearch and PostgreSQL
  • Knowledge of software testing and information security best practices
  • Familiarity with Github, Linux, Docker and build tools such as Buildkite
  • Experience working in a dev-ops environment (e.g. with automated testing and deployment, infrastructure as code, application monitoring etc.)

In return you’ll be rewarded with:

  • A diverse culture of values-driven, super smart people who like to have fun and are passionate about our mission
  • A flexible, friendly, and inclusive work environment
  • Being part of our many team rituals including daily trivia, and outside of the current Covid-19 lockdowns: cheese & wine Wednesdays, team cooked lunch Fridays and so much more…
  • As well as heaps of team social events like our annual company ski-trip, Christmas family and friends event, team karaoke nights, trivia nights and team dinners

Sound like the job for you?

Got what it takes to work with us? Great! Send us a link to your LinkedIn profile or portfolio.

Drop your resumé here

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