About us

Born in Melbourne, built for the world

Proudly headquartered in Australia and serving clients from around the world, Lexer’s end-to-end retail CDP drives profit, saves time, and improves experiences for both companies and consumers—because seamless, genuine shopping experiences are the experiences we all deserve.

Our story

The birth of
Lexer’s CDP

From the start, Lexer’s product development and innovation has been motivated by a deep commitment to solving our customer’s problems. Today, our promise is to help brands and retailers genuinely understand and engage their customers. How? With enriched and unified data, easy-to-use tools for advanced capabilities, and a talented success team to guide customers every step of the way.

Our customers

Your success is our success

At Lexer, the customer is at the heart of everything we do. Acting as a true collaborative partner, we build our offering in concert with our customers, so Lexer’s evolution has been influenced by our customers’ needs and goals from the start. Lexer was born as a social media monitoring tool, evolved over the years into customer insights, and finally became what it is today: The only CDP built specifically for retail with native tools to support every customer touchpoint. At every step of the way, our customers have enabled and informed our growth.


Our team

As customers can testify, the people who make up Lexer’s team are part of what makes the business a truly remarkable CDP provider and partner. With extensive, cross-functional experience in retail, technology, and advertising, our team has the talent and insight to provide exceptional service with a human touch.

David Whittle


Dave has spent his career applying a passion for creativity, data and technology to drive transforma …

Aaron Wallis

CTO & Founder

Prior to founding Lexer in 2010, Aaron was the Digital Services Director at M&C Saatchi. Aaron w …

Chris Brewer


Chris is a passionate finance professional with 30 years experience across a wide variety of industr …

David Chinn


David has spent his career leading data and technology businesses in both mature and emerging market …

Alex Knight


Alex brings over 15 years experience in providing sustainable commercial outcomes for innovative, ea …

A Value Driven Culture

Our company values

We’re brought together by a strong sense of family.

With mutual care and respect for all members of our team, we’re always willing to lend a helping hand, celebrate moments of togetherness, and, heck, we even cook for each other!

The recipe for greatness? Respect, rest, challenges, and support—all underscored by a tight-knit community.

The brightest crayon in the box.
Bring a bold, focused, curious, and rested mind to every moment. Be a fantastic individual in an incredible team.
The friend others depend on.
Always commit to the mission, deliver on your promises, and work hard for the best outcome.
Actions speak louder than words.
Be proactive and engaged with the goings-on of the whole business; always adding value where you can, and support where you can’t.
Own the day.
Every decision you make has the chance to cost or save our clients, our reputation, and our growth. React, respond, and balance the long and short term value of your actions.
Lover, not a fighter.
Bring heart and care to our clients, your team, your craft, and yourself.
A laugh a day keeps the doctor away.
The daily grind can be exhausting, so have a laugh, grab the mic, love your quirks, take a joke, and bring a little crazy.


Our investors

Our investors have become an essential part of Lexer’s journey to becoming the #1 retail CDP. We’re incredibly grateful to them as we continue to support our customers and scale our business.

January Capital
Series A 2016
January Capital is committed to investing in leading technology companies in the Asia Pacific region. They have a preference for tenured founders who deeply understand the problem they are building a solution for. They believe their focus and passion must be relentless in order to build an exceptional company.
Series B 2020
Blackbird’s mission is to invest in wild hearts, with the wildest ideas, right at the beginning. Blackbird have more than a billion dollars under management and a portfolio of over 70 companies including some of the most successful Australian startups such as Canva, Zoox, SafetyCulture and Culture Amp.
King River
Series B 2020
King River is dedicated to investing in exceptional teams that are building innovative companies in Australia and the United States. They invest in high-growth software and AI-driven technology businesses that are solving critical problems within large markets.

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Our partners

Our expansive network of partners includes third-party data providers and agencies offering guidance and support for our mutual customers. Partner with Lexer to provide best-in-class analytics, segmentation, and activation capabilities to your customers.



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