Put data to work to genuinely understand and engage customers.

Nothing matters more than customers, so we offer sophisticated tools, human data and expert advice to help customer-loving companies put their data to work to genuinely understand and engage customers.

How clients use Lexer

Human profiles and insight directly actionable to increase revenue and build loyalty.


Human profiles
Unify, enhance and secure profiles of prospective and current customers.


Actionable insight
Discover and monitor insights about prospects, customers, and competitors.


Increase revenue
Deliver engaging brand and sales messages through paid, owned and earned channels.


Build loyalty
Deliver real-time, personalized customer care across digital channels.

Trusted by market leaders

Achieve genuine results

Lexer delivers bottom-line impact.


Increased conv. rate


Increased advertising ROI


reduction service wait times


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Data maturity report

Are you a data zero or hero? Our free Data Maturity Report assesses your current position,  prioritizes gaps to close and opportunities to pursue.


Our capability

The Lexer Customer Engagement Hub, Customer Data Platform and Client Service Team deliver genuine results.

Engagement Hub

Sophisticated tools

Three sophisticated SaaS tools Identify, Engage and Listen, help marketing, customer care, product and data teams understand and engage customers.

Customer Data

Human data

Achieve a single view of customer, by transforming your idle data and enriching it with public and partner data providing a true view of every individual.

Client service

Expert advice

Lexer provide genuine service to help clients grow their data culture and capability, providing strategy, data science, training and solution design.

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Experience our products hands-on and find out how we can help you


Human data

The Lexer Customer Data Platform (CDP) transforms disparate customer data into an accessible, analysable and actionable asset using machine learning.

This powerful asset is enriched with useful external data in real-time, enhancing the understanding you have of every customer.

CDP Overview
Human profiles
Architected with human identities at the core, the Lexer CDP combines multiple valuable sources in real-time to create valuable profiles on every customer.
Analytics & insight
Understand customer lifetime value, churn triggers, true segments, personas and predict their next purchase.
Omni-channel activation
Engage with the right people at the right time across paid, owned and earned channels.
Secure and compliant
Lexer exceeds global security and compliance standards and is SOC2 and ISO27001 certified.


Sophisticated tools

Lexer’s Customer Engagement Hub offers three sophisticated products Identify, Engage and Listen, to help marketing, customer care, digital and data teams understand and engage customers and prospects.

Triangle Teal
Lexer Identify - Customer Data Platform


Customer analysis, segmentation & activation.

A window into your customer and prospect universe. Discover, segment and activate enriched profiles of everybody, everywhere.



Integrated customer care

Deliver world-class customer care across email, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Lightning fast workflows, intelligent inboxes, customer history, customer satisfaction monitoring and more.

Lexer Listen - Social and media monitoring and analytics


Media monitoring, notifications and reporting.

A highly configurable research and social listening tool, empowering companies to understand risk, influence and opportunity in real-time.


Latest case studies, reports and best practice guides.