Customer Data Platform

Our Customer Data Platform liberates disparate data sources into a single destination enabling your business to genuinely engage with a truly 360º view of a customer or prospect.

Lexer load, unify, enhance and secure data from a range of public, proprietary and partner sources so you can liberate your data for heightened activation and insight.

Human Data

Defining our behaviours, interests and demographics one attribute at a time.


As Humans, certain traits unite us and set us apart.

Lexer continuously builds and supports thousands of Attributes – turning raw, unstructured data from many sources into actionable insights covering consumerism, life-stage, behaviour, attitudes and demographics.

Life Stages

Our Attributes share a whole lifetime of stories.

Observing your customers’ and prospects’ life events in realtime opens up a new world of opportunities for genuine engagement. Helping your whole business know who your customer is, what makes them unique, and what matters most to them this second.


Build a true 360º view of Human Data – expanding your universe beyond just interactions with your brand.

Breathe new life into your customer and prospect activations and insights using their enriched, realtime Identities liberated across your whole business through our Customer Engagement Hub.

The Data Workflow

Lexer provides Human Data in realtime – delivering business automation at unprecedented speeds. Here’s the journey each data point takes…



Load data from hundreds of millions of 1st, 2nd and 3rd party sources. Global, multi-lingual, unstructured and realtime.


Use deterministic and probabilistic matching to unify unrelated data points and create a complete and organic Human Data set.


Get the greatest possible value by enhancing unified data with the latest in Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing and Data Modelling techniques.


Store the data securely with best-in-class security practices and governances. The Lexer Platform is ISO 27001:2013 certified.

The end of SaaS spaghetti

Lexer becomes a single destination for public, proprietary and partner data. One platform, one login, one contract, one team.

Easy in - Easy out

Lexer offer developer-friendly APIs and a range of ETL services for simple and swift read and write access.

This allows your team to focus on activation, not integration, and ensures an effective onboarding process.

One Destination

Our Customer Engagement Hub delivers an entire ecosystem of Marketing and Customer Data capabilities to one destination.

It’s SaaS simplicity at its finest, so you can empower a data first operating culture in your company.

Fast track ROI

Inject Lexer data into third party platforms for instant ROI.

Lexer has a growing list of integrations with industry leading Marketing Activation, CRM, Customer Service, Tag Management, Mobile and Big Data platforms.

Data partners

Lexer’s Customer Data Platform combines your data asset with trusted industry leaders’ to widen your customer view.

Roy Morgan

Helix Personas combines sophisticated psychographic and behavioural data to classify the Australian population into 56 Personas and 7 Communities.


Mosaic classifies all Australian households and neighbourhoods into 49 unique segments and 13 overarching groups, providing insight into consumers’ choices, preferences and habits.

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Security & Privacy

Trust and information security are core to our business. Lexer’s robust control environment exceeds the security, availability, confidentiality and privacy commitments our customers deserve and expect.
We maintain several security, risk and compliance initiatives including ISO 27001:2013 certification; routine audits on our software, infrastructure and business process; and comprehensive ISMS and Privacy Policies.


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