Every company has customer data. Lots of it.

But it’s often idle and difficult to access.

What’s more, it’s an inside out view that fails to reflect the living, breathing person behind the points.

Imagine an enriched profile of every human relevant to your brand and a tool to discover, segment and activate them.

Imagine no longer.


Introducing Lexer

Lexer combines Human Data and simple software to power genuine engagement with your customers, prospects and colleagues.

Customer Data Platform

Lexer loads data from hundreds of millions of 1st, 2nd and 3rd party sources. Unifying, enhancing and securely storing in realtime.

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Customer Engagement Hub

We provide simple, beautiful software tools to power effective automation, engagement, analysis and reporting of data.

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Essential Support

Adopting a data culture and building data capability requires focus and time. Our team provide training, data design, data science and communications strategy to expedite that change.

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