Social Media and Risk Management for a Global Insurance Brand

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As companies seek to forge genuine engagements with customers on new mediums, they open themselves up to new sources of potential risk.

Lexer helps one of the largest insurers with risk management ensuring they stay ahead of the conversation.

Corporate risk management

Listening to a negative audience can be hard work, with some brands receiving tens of thousands of mentions online each day. Lexer alerted one of Australia’s largest companies to a proposed protest at their headquarters, mobilized on social media.

Through enhanced risk notifications and deep-dive search functionality in Lexer Listen, the Communications Unit used inside knowledge of the protest to implement a company-wide crisis management plan.

The team immediately informed Front Desk and Security staff and briefed all staff on the issue and the appropriate response.

As a result, the planned protest was peacefully managed, and, most importantly, the issues were heard and understood by the business.

Genuine engagement

In times of crisis, ensuring a response comes from the most appropriate source can be instrumental in genuinely engaging with key stakeholders.

This came into play recently when one of Australia’s largest Insurers attracted criticism on social media from the family of a person whose policy had been rejected.

To help our client stay ahead of the conversation, we set up a Saved Dive in Lexer Engage encompassing a live stream of all mentions on the subject. In addition, we restricted access to this Dive so only key staff could view and respond to the family’s posts.

So, while the Social Customer Service team continued to deal with everyday inquiries, each time a post came in from a family member, the Head of Social Media, Legal and Security came together to formulate the appropriate response.

The client was able to genuinely engage with each post and deliver an informed, sensitive response to the person at the other end of the conversation.

Instant notification

Brands operate 24/7, but most Social Media Teams don’t. Lexer helped stay ahead of the conversation with response and triage services outside of office hours.

Lexer have been pivotal in alerting clients to business-critical content. Early one morning, a customer posted a video depicting inappropriate behavior witnessed on a flight with an International Airline. Lexer picked up the post and immediately notified the client, who launched an investigation of the incident and contacted the parties involved.

Lexer intercepted a Tweet about a potential bomb threat that the user quickly deleted.

We notified the client immediately and the threat was assessed by their Security team. While they determined the threat was a hoax, details of the tweet were saved for further investigation.

The upshot

There are over 13 billion people and things connected to the Internet generating data. Most of this data is ignored.

Lexer is helping our clients ensure business-critical information never falls through the cracks.

Talk to us today about how you can mitigate risk and mobilize company-wide engagement in times of crisis.

Photo by Collin Armstrong on Unsplash