Learn 5 strategies to acquire new customers and grow lifetime value

This guide covers:

  1. Growing your email database.
  2. Acquiring new high-value customers.
  3. Converting one-time buyers into repeat customers.
  4. Making the most of repeat purchases.
  5. Mitigating the high cost of returns.


Grow your sales through improved customer engagement. Get inspired in the Lexer library.

4 steps to acquiring high-value customers

Customer analytics helps you identify the best customer segments to target in your paid advertising campaigns, as well as the best creative and messaging to use. Check out our blog to learn the 4 steps to digging deep in your data, drawing customer insights, and using those insights to power high-value acquisition strategies.

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How-to guide for retail: Paid social prospecting & customer re-engagement

Prospecting for and retaining customers are essential functions for every business. This guide will walk you through our eight-step process for growing your email database with quality prospects, re-engaging existing or lapsed customers, and capturing missing customer data to power your future prospecting campaigns.

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Loyalty is lucrative: a practical guide to driving the second sale

Two-time buyers are 9x more likely to make repeat purchases than one-time buyers. That means that the second sale—not the first—is the most important milestone for developing long-lasting relationships with your customers. Here’s a practical guide for using customer insights to deliver personalized, targeted, and timely marketing messages and maximize the second sale.

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4 ways Brand Collective partnered with Lexer to respond to change

Brand Collective is the apparel group whose brands include Clarks, Hush Puppies, Shoes & Sox, Superdry and Volley. Using the Lexer CDP and strategic guidance from the Lexer Success Team, Brand Collective uncovered key insights about recent market changes and quickly pivoted their business activities to successfully engage customers in this “new normal” of retail.

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Our Testimonials

“The Lexer CDP is integral to everyone’s role, not only marketing. Everyone uses it to gain their own insights. It’s very simple to use.”

Mariano Favio
Head of Marketing at Vinomofo

“Our customers are at the heart of everything we do and having a more holistic understanding on how, why and when they are shopping with us enables us to not only better serve their needs, but increase our customer satisfaction as a whole.”

Alexander Meyer
Chief Marketing Officer of THE ICONIC

“Lexer as a CDP has enabled the unification and humanisation of our customer data from many disparate sources.”

Ben Murphy
Digital Marketing Manager at Village Entertainment

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