Guidebook: How customer-centric are you?

Did you know that customer-centric businesses are 60% more profitable than those that aren’t?

It clearly pays to be customer-centric, and while you may be customer-focused it doesn’t automatically make you customer centric. Customer-centricity means not just selling to your customer, but putting them at the center of everything you do. 

In this guidebook we’ll provide you with specific actions that improve profitable growth through customer-centricity. 

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Unify your first-party data into a single platform

Integrate years of transactional and profile first-party data from any system to create a clean record of every customer past and present to develop a deeper understanding. 

Make better decisions with first-party data

Tap into your customers’ first party-data and utilize advanced segmentation, intelligent metrics, and predictive analytics tools to enhance your decision-making.

Use first-party data to create engaging experiences.

Lexer’s CDXP gives you the power to create engaging customer experiences, utilizing actionable insights delivered through captured first-party data. 

Master your first-party data

The Lexer Customer Data Platform serves as your all-in-one hub for insight-driven marketing, sales, and service. Consolidate your customers’ first-party data to create an enriched single customer view that is maintained in real-time and accessible across all platforms.

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Lexer is the only CDP built specifically for retail.

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