As part of our quest to help companies expand their view of the people who matter most to their brand, we’re thrilled to announce a new partnership with one of Australia’s best known and longest established market research companies, Roy Morgan Research.

Our partnership sees Roy Morgan Helix Personas integrated with Lexer Identities to help companies identify the specific groups their audiences belong to and the content they’re sharing publicly, live and in real-time.

So what does this look like?

Lexer and Roy Morgan clients can now see real-time behavioural data on people who fall into different Helix Personas, for example the recent public social media posts from young, educated, outer suburban families in Aussie Achievers, or the current interests, needs and desires of the cultured, connected, clued-in and cashed up Metrotechs.    

Speaking further on the partnership’s practical implications, Roy Morgan’s Chief Digital Officer, Howard Seccombe, said clients can now use this combined data asset to enhance strategy and drive performance.

“For the first time we are able to provide a simple solution if, for example, a brand launches a new product and wants to directly attribute feedback and sentiment gathered across social sources back to its target market and customers,” he said.

“This is the awesome power our new partnership brings to the table which finally unlocks the true value of social media.”

Beyond segmentation

For our CEO, Dave Whittle, the partnership opens up new opportunities for Australian companies to reach beyond current CRM.

“What’s special about this partnership is how quickly Lexer can combine Helix Personas with CRM, shopping and public behavioural data to gain a new level of insight,” he said.

“Right now, we’re seeing clients using Helix Personas and Lexer Identities to elevate their approach to Marketing, Customer and Product Strategy. They’re using deep data to create hyper-targeted, dynamic communications, to win and retain customers with insights and understanding their competitors simply don’t have.”

Genuine understanding

The partnership advances Lexer’s ambition to enable customer-obsessed organisations to genuinely understand and engage their audience.

Every minute our Customer Data Platform analyses millions of human behaviours across CRM, social, retail, Wi-Fi and partner data (like Helix Personas) to build enriched profiles of people.

The result? Insightful Lexer Identities with deep, real-time insights about each person’s age, interests, major milestones and brand relationships.

Talk to us today about how you can harness the power of this rich and evolving data asset to deliver meaningful customer experiences.