Our Marketing Coordinator and resident wordsmith, Holly Clark pens a few words on diversity and inclusion at Lexer in the lead up to International Women’s Day on Thursday, 8 March 2018.

Lexer is famous for our Lego collection. And at Lexer we celebrate Ladies who Lego.

Much of our Lego belongs to our Founder, Aaron Wallis- and across our offices in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Orange County and New York you’ll see the literal building blocks of Az’s youthful ingenuity adorning every available surface.

Embodying the geeky, iterative and creative spirit we aim to bring to everything we do, Lego is actually a pretty integral part of both office decor and organisational cadence.

It sits in a special box in our meeting rooms for everyone to play with as a physical way to get the synapses firing.

It’s part of the welcome pack for new starters to encourage them to make their mark on the office.

It’s the huge lunchtime project many Lexis will gradually contribute to.

And, believe it or not, it’s also a telling metaphor for diversity and inclusion.

Ladies who Lego

One afternoon, I went around the office and collected every single piece of Lexer Lady Lego. It didn’t really take me too long, as Lego’s enduring presence as a manifestation of our culture meant there really wasn’t too much to collect.

Like a lot of tech startups, our gender balance needs work. It’s an issue we’re acutely aware of and actively resolving – in the last 9 months ~60% of our hires have been Lexer ladies. Indeed, everyone at Lexer HQ noticed the absence immediately as an office without women is a pretty empty one, regardless of your scale.

So what really motivated my Tuesday afternoon lego heist?  

Well, as a savvy and cheeky marketer and proud feminist, I did this to create a bit of buzz around our celebration of International Women’s Day (IWD) next week.

Ahead of the big day, we’re asking Lexis across the globe to sticky note their ideas for how we can better promote diversity as individuals and also as a company.

The board is a strong call to motivate and unite Lexis to think, act and be gender inclusive, aligning with this year’s IWD theme: #PressforProgress.

Its structure follows the Scrum retrospective board design that’s so popular with startups, with “Start” “Stop” and “Continue” columns grouping our postits, and all the Lexer Lady Lego I collected sitting pride of place at the bottom.


The thoughts captured will form the discussion at Lexercan: our International Women’s Day breakfast celebrating the strong women who make our world so wonderful.

Myself and our VP of Solutions and Marketing, Simon Small will host a Q&A on how our ideas can produce an actionable roadmap for diversity and inclusion at Lexer.

This year, Lexercan also features a keynote by Leadership and Development Expert, Emma Hodgson, speaking on the role of diversity and inclusion in tech, and offering a few thoughts on this year’s global theme: #PressforProgress.

If you’d like to join us, please reach out to hello@lexer.io to confirm your place! Our team will be on the tools crafting the greatest breakfast burger you’ll ever devour, even promising wilted spinach to pay tribute to the momentous day.


Our society is realising bad things happen when you have people of the same perspective and background in life making decisions, so for me diversity at work isn’t just about gender parity. It’s gathering together a range of perspectives and life experiences and seeing what awesome things we can produce together.

Our hope with Lexercan this year is to produce a road map to gathering together and greater representing these perspectives.

Smashing the industry’s obsession with youth by attracting mentors to whip young upstarts like me into shape. Likewise, giving young upstarts like myself a shot at greatness: an opportunity to succeed but also a chance to fail and learn.

Supporting parents, celebrating racial diversity, happy crying with the LGBTQI community in this momentous year and elevating women to positions of influence and opportunity.  

That’s our brief, and we’re looking forward to hearing everyone’s thoughts on nailing it next week.

Our path to conscious inclusion doesn’t stop there, learn more about how we are living and breathing inclusion everyday.


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Simplicity is often much harder than complexity, so for the last 5 years Holly has made it her mission to translate tricky concepts into engaging content for the NFP, Research and Data sectors.

Holly is passionate about diversity and inclusion in tech, crime podcasts and knows everything there is to know about TV’s Terrace House.