Intelligent Digital Marketing

Lexer Identify offers intelligent insights about your customers and helps you find the right prospects.

Deliver personalized communications across digital channels to increase ROI and grow your customer base.

Targeted communications

With Lexer Identify you can serve messaging to high-value segments and optimize on the fly. Control your advertising spend to avoid waste and lower your cost per acquisition.

Target your customers across Social, Search, Website and Email. Talk to the right people, on the right channel at the right time – every time.

Lexer Identify - Targeted Communications

End-to-end insight and activation

Single Customer View

Learn more about who people are both inside and outside of their interactions with your brand with a comprehensive view of your data combined with other sources.

Real-time segments

Create living, breathing segments that do justice to the changing interests, life stages and demographics of the people who populate them.

One-click activation

Activate audiences across multiple digital channels and optimize them on the fly, ensuring that no one gets the same message twice.

Find new audiences

Get maximum value from Ad spend with tools for expanding audiences for activation via next-best-action, recommenders and look-a-like models.

Achieving Personalization and Single Customer View

Our consultation with 20 of Australia’s top-tier companies reveals the successful delivery of single customer view and personalization relies on putting the customer first, driving data culture and meaningful strategic vision.

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Experience Lexer Identify

See how it can help you activate audiences and develop a single view of your customer.

All your customer data together in one place

Lexer rapidly transforms disconnected and idle client data into a powerful view of each customer.

Lexer Identify Customer Data Platform

A True 360 View

Enrich your data asset with real-time transactional, location, demographic and social data to widen your view of who you’re talking to.


Enrich your customer view

Find out what unites and sets your audience apart, identify key attributes and deliver living, breathing personalization – at scale.

Lexer Identify Insights

Unify your Martech in weeks, not years

Build a best of breed stack with a solution that grows with you – and plays nice with other vendors.

Unify your Martech with Lexer

80% of company data is not currently analyzed

Lexer Identify Tribes Comparison

Compare key segments

Compare up to 6 different segments and find out what unites and sets your audience apart.

Tailored Communications

Serve targeted messaging to key segments based on what matters most to them, this second.

Lexer Identify Tailored Communications

Intelligent recommendations

Using a combination of first and third-party data, Lexer’s Customer Data Platform can apply machine learning to analyze your transaction data.

Identify and personalize up-selling opportunities with a one-to-one view of the next best action for each customer.

Lexer Identify Product Recommendations

Find more of the customers you want

Expand your audience to find more high-value customers with powerful look-a-like modeling using Lexer’s powerful Machine Learning.

Lexer Identify Lookalike Audiences

Empower your people

Test campaign ideas and hypotheses with speedy, easy access to data organization-wide.

Lexer Identify Empower Your People

Experience Lexer Identify

See how it can help you activate audiences and develop a single view of your customer.