Identify Influencers in Your Customer Data Platform

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Influencer Marketing refers to a brand’s efforts to capitalize on the appeal of social netizens with large followings. Lexer is helping brands identify Influencers with innovative social listening and Customer Relationship Management tools.

Here’s how our clients are benefiting from a data-driven approach to Influencer Marketing.

Influencer research

Selecting Influencers directly relevant to your audience is instrumental in guaranteeing ROI from sponsorship.

Recently, an Agency partner was looking to select a front man or woman for a TVC on a new music streaming service. They came to us with a rockstar research question: which artists are most popular on social media this second?

To find out who was attracting the highest volume of social content, we set up a search in Lexer tracking mentions of musicians of the moment.

The Agency used the results to make a data-driven decision on a spokesperson for their new campaign.

Detecting influencers in current CRM

Support from big-ticket Social Influencers can be an invaluable third-party endorsement, but imagine if you didn’t have to go out and source it?

Recently, a data-savvy client approached us wanting to detect Influencers within their current CRM database. The Lexer Customer Data Platform unified the company’s CRM data with Social Media data, matching each customer with their profile(s) on social media.

Lexer visualized the result by delivering an enriched Identity of each customer including insights from the combined data universe. Armed with knowledge about life stage, lifestyle and hundreds of other attributes, our client could now understand their customers like never before.

Then, we set about finding the Influencers.

We built a new attribute to calculate influence based on 3 things about an Identity:

  1. Number of followers
  2. Following to followers ratio
  3. Frequency of content

This new attribute provided our client with a comprehensive and real-time list of influencers to go forth and target. An added bonus? An existing relationship with each Influencer.

Lexer is partnering with clients to transform Influencers into brand super fans.

Talk to us today about how your company can inject a data-driven approach to Influencer Marketing.