An International Airline client needed an enterprise-level solution to manage the volume of customer enquiries coming through on social media day and night.

And, with a customer service team spread across two countries, three cities and multiple time zones, the solution had to be scalable, fast, and, above all, collaborative. Centralising customer care was critical.


We worked alongside our client to learn more about their organisational structure, workflow and service priorities.

With these requirements in mind, we configured a centralised approach for a decentralised team.

Lexer Engage allows them to rapidly classify and triage content to the relevant area of the company. Whether it be baggage claim, customer loyalty or corporate affairs, all levels of the business use the tool to deliver fast, informed responses to each post.

They also use rich, integrated reporting capabilities to maintain visibility on team quality and security, with real-time metrics on SLAs, KPIs and average customer wait times.


Over the course of our three-year partnership, the team have been so successful in reducing their response time, they have even been recognised as the Airline of choice by Australian social media users.

In 12 months, the team efficiently managed over 500,000 posts.

To put that into perspective, that’s a whole year of work for 2 full-time staff members, now freed up to focus on customer service strategy and resourcing arrangements to respond to a 24-hour conversation.

With a time-saving of 30 seconds per post, Engage saved them over 4,000 hours of time.

They also exceeded Customer Advocacy targets across the company, with the three major group brands achieving record NPS results.

They’ve monitored their success through real-time SLA metrics and used this data to implement a resourcing arrangement equipped to respond to spikes in activity.

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