Welcoming our newest client to the Lexer family.


We had a very good day.

Guess What

We completed onboarding one of Australia’s most trusted companies — a multi-billion dollar banking and financial services group with over 13 million loyal customers.

Speed at scale

Our client’s onboarding has been one of our largest to date, and completed to that all too familiar deadline: ASAP.

From start to finish, we worked with our client over 14 days (including weekends!) to:

  • Scope their business priorities
  • Meet with stakeholders from all departments
  • Develop variable lists and begin consuming data
  • Integrate with all of their social network profiles
  • Customise their dashboards complete with workflows, notifications, and Command screens
  • Train and onboard 60+ team members across 4 offices in 3 cities


Our new client is using Lexer Engage to promote their data-first operating culture across all departments: from Product and Communications, right through to Cyber Terrorism and Fraud. We’re really pleased to have completed this first step of integration into their business and processes.


Is our most powerful endorsement.

Lexer is proud to have earned the trust of many multi-billion dollar companies.

Today is a milestone, but it’s only the beginning: we have already started work on the next project to support our client’s growth. Congratulations to our newest Client, and welcome to the family.


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