Our consultation with 20 of Australia’s top-tier organisations reveals the three key priorities for automation in customer service are enabling technology, meaningful strategic direction and the ability to iterate and scale up.

With 57% of companies either planning, piloting or already using a chatbot, and 63% of customers willing to try these types of service interactions, there’s no doubt the movement toward automation has momentum.

63% of customers are willing to try chatbots


The cost of a quick-fix without the right scope can have dire consequences, with cautionary tales from Boost Juice and Microsoft making the headlines recently.

For leaders in digital, marketing and customer care, a successful bot experience depends upon:

  • Providing customer value
  • Designing an effective logic engine
  • Integrating bots into social care tools
  • Creating a seamless Bot to human handover

To learn more about the key actions organisations are taking to deliver on these priorities, and uncover trends in the automation landscape, view our white paper below.

Automation in customer service

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