One of our largest clients has won a very special social media gong.


One of our largest clients has been recognised as the airline of choice by Australian social media users.

In the month of August, they not only received the most social media feedback but also attracted the highest proportion of positive comments.


Think our client is a Data Rockstar, and we’re excited that everyone else does too!

Data Rockstars…

Harness the power of social media monitoring tools to create amazing customer service experiences with their audience, live.

Use aerial views of social media activity to implement the best possible resourcing arrangement to respond to growing volumes of conversation.

Tag, triage and respond to customer queries, squeals from superfans, heckles from haters. They use Lexer Engage! 

And, when the mic drops, review the stories being told about their brands online, and the role the team are playing in shaping these stories.


We are excited to be part of the way our clients manage their relationship with customers online, each day and night.

Consider us the burly roadies behind the Data Rockstars of our time.

To find out how to join our legion of Data Rockstars, book a demo.


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Holly is passionate about diversity and inclusion in tech, crime podcasts and knows everything there is to know about TV’s Terrace House.