Genuine engagement. What is it?


Talking to strangers is tough.
But most social customer service teams spend their days talking to strangers. What if there was a way to understand people better?
A way to ensure genuine engagement?

Lexer Engage now offers an enriched real-time profile of the customer or prospect at the other end of the conversation.

We call this profile an Identity, a living, breathing human who we’ve built a profile about from the myriad of data that Lexer has loaded, unified, enriched and secured.

Each Identity contains tonnes of attributes sourced from public, proprietary and partner data about a person’s lifestyle, customer history, personality, desires & ambitions – all updated in real-time.

Hey yousername

Instead of talking to a username, why not engage genuinely with a valuable customer, a profitable prospect or an influential blogger?

And speak the language of a fitness fanatic, EPL fan or Cat Owner?

What movies are they interested in, what music are they listening to and what brands are they engaged with? Yours? Or a competitor’s?

It’s all in there, in a simple, beautiful panel that is transforming the way our clients deliver genuine engagement in social sales and service.

The best thing?

It’s a global first, and it’s available now.

Really? Really.

Don’t be a stranger.

Learn about how Engage is best suited to fast-paced enterprise customer care teams.

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