Uninterrupted and secure customer service is now possible like never before.

Lexer’s integrated customer surveys enable customers to provide personal information securely, and seamlessly to customer service agents.

Sensitive information is stored in an ISO & SOC2 certified environment, allowing customer data to be available to service agents within the workflow, so they can rapidly continue to deliver high quality service.

The responses feed into your inbox as a new message, so you can get on with securely actioning their request.

Authenticate customers on social

Verify customer identities and securely store their details with the first authentication workflow built for social customer service.

Deliver rapid service

Reduce the back and forth and get on with servicing customers quickly by embedding surveys into the body of your response within Lexer Engage.

Generate Leads

Use secure forms to the heart of customer’s request and deliver tailored response – generate leads, clear inquiries, validate customer identities and more.

A truly omnichannel experience

Lexer helps data rockstars deliver award-winning performances by making data simple.

If you’d like to learn more about how you can make data apart of your daily routine book a free demo over here.


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Simplicity is often much harder than complexity, so for the last 5 years Holly has made it her mission to translate tricky concepts into engaging content for the NFP, Research and Data sectors.

Holly is passionate about diversity and inclusion in tech, crime podcasts and knows everything there is to know about TV’s Terrace House.