Leading Insurance Group rely on Lexer Listen (social listening) to manage risk and communication effectiveness on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Blogs, Forums and News.

With a range of brand, risk, people, and issue dashboards, reports and notifications set up, with social listening, teams across each brand group are connected in real-time to the important issues and the community.

Cross-team accessibility

Lexer Listen has been configured to monitor each brand, each with related terms, campaigns, influencers and issues delivered in dashboards, notifications and reports. This enables all teams to stay abreast of the conversations and reactions relevant to them. They have also extended this to their agencies giving them access to help them plan, manage and proactively develop communications.

Crisis management

Lexer Listen has profoundly changed the company’s approach to crisis management. In a recent example, they identified a planned protest in relation to an insurance claim that got traction. Once it was identified they notified PR, security and communications teams to get extra people on call, and meet the protesters proactively to create a dialogue before it escalated. As a resul,t the protest was peacefully managed and grievances were heard and understood.

Campaign effectiveness

The Insurance Group have also changed the way they measure, monitor and optimise communications campaigns. Previously they would wait 3-6 months for research or campaign results, now they are using Lexer Listen in real-time to identify the most and least effective parts of their TV, outdoor, online and PR campaigns to quickly adjust messaging, improve results and save money.


Armed with real-time insights about the conversations happening around their brand, the Insurance Group are managing complex issues, optimising campaigns and adjusting their business strategy to rapidly move with their audience.

Social listening has become part of the pace of their organisation across Australia and New Zealand, with the Lexer partnership recently renewed for a third year running.

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