We’re proud to announce 6 major product updates to achieve a new level of customer insight.

These big feature updates provide more tools to understand and engage your customers to supercharge your strategic planning, improve marketing activations, personalise customer care, and deliver more value to the business.

  • Tribe comparison – truly understand what makes customers different
  • Intelligent identities – understand individuals faster
  • Next best action – deliver truly contextual customer care
  • Social listening expansion – more, valuable content that matters to your brand
  • Shopping propensity data – understand shopping behaviours
  • Activity API – integrate your service metrics

If you’d like to know more, please reach out on Livechat, contact us or contact your Success Manager.

Tribe Comparison – truly understand what makes customers different

Lexer Identify offers a window into your customer and prospect universe and Tribe Comparison allows you to compare segments to find out what unites and sets them apart.

In seconds thousands of attributes are compared, sorted, filtered and presented back surfacing the most interesting insights. From there you can filter, sort and export to extract the right insight, fast.

Use it to analyse, compare and segment your audience to achieve a deeper understanding in seconds, answering questions like:

  • What characterises our high-value customers?
  • How do our prospects differ from our customers?
  • How can we tailor content for our next campaign to key segments?
  • What influencer should we partner with to engage our e-commerce buyers?

For an overview of how it works, and more about how to analyse Lexer data, check out this article: https://learn.lexer.io/identify/how-to-read-your-data

This is on top of the enhancements we recently made to building tribes easier – to help you find what you’re looking for, fast.

Intelligent Identities – understand individuals faster

Understand each customer in an instant with a range of updates that prioritise the important insights.

What are the key facts about each customer? How did the last interaction go? Is this a high-value customer? What segments are they in? Where do they live? Where do they shop?

To help answer these questions you can now:

  • See attributes that matter up top
  • Group tribes and attributes to simplify searches
  • Leave notes on customers

It’s a significant update to the organisation of the information that matters, giving teams the insight they need in seconds across Listen, Engage and Identify.

Next best actions – empower service teams to deliver exceptional service

Now in Engage, you can deliver even better service with a one-to-one view of next best actions for each customer.

Next best actions are customisable for you to up-sell, provide premium service, follow up on past issues and more.

  • Go above and beyond for high-value customers 
  • Clarify any barriers to buy for sales prospects
  • Promote current offers for price-sensitive customers 

Customise as many next best actions as you like and enjoy a simple, clear and consistent view of what it takes to engage each and every customer.

Digital monitoring expansion – the mentions that matter to your brand

Limitations of social listening from the past are no longer holding you back with Lexer Listen.

We’ve rebuilt the way we collect, process and search for content from news, blogs, forums and social – so you can understand your customers and community like never before.  In Lexer Listen, our real-time monitoring and notification tool, you can find content from more places, with more refinement, speed and quality.

Go beyond the limited arena of social to find the real, passionate conversations that matter at volume around the web. From review sites like IMDB, Trip Advisor and Feefo to industry niches like australianmining.com.au, stockmarketwire.com, seabreeze.com.au or forum.surfer.com to active communities like afr.com, economist, tech radar and more.

This broad, rich source of content can be filtered and refined to extract the content that matters. Filter results by any angle you can imagine, comments vs. forum posts, the author vs. responder, location or journalist, media type, a section of a site and so much more.

Shopping propensity data – understand shopping behaviours

We’re excited to add Mastercard as an official Lexer partner bringing shopper propensity insight into Lexer.

Timeline of engagement - Enrich customer data with Lexer

This new partnership combines powerful modelling and analytics with location and customer data to identify an individual or group’s likelihood to spend in one of 43 retail categories, online and offline.

Compare groups of customers, see how prospects differ, understand if churning customers are different to high-value customers. This extra layer of insight helps identify market gaps, opportunities to grow or where you are leading to inform strategy across your organisation.

As always, we’ve taken a carefully considered approach to this new data set, ensuring data is aggregated, de-identified and is valuable to our clients.

Activity API – integrate your service metrics

This means you can model real-time metrics on case volumes, resolution time and NPS in a way custom built for your business requirements, whether that be a wallboard in your command centre or a widget, accessible to the team.

Our new Activity API enables developers to access Activity data securely, in real-time. 

This is part of our expanding API suite including the popular Chatbot Engage API and Command Screen API.

A final update on the Facebook news

Over the last month, Facebook has made significant changes to how they handle privacy, and therefore the data they make accessible to developers and partners via their API.

The scale of these changes warrants some background as it impacts the actions third parties, such as Lexer, can run on behalf of brands, and you can find it over here.

The impact to the services Lexer provide are minimal and we are putting maximum resources into keeping up with the rate of change and will continue to keep you abreast of the changes that impact the delivery of our service.

We will provide ongoing updates and our success team are available at any time to discuss the changes, impact, and actions.


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