Today’s product update for Lexer Identify helps Data Rockstars get deeper customer insight, faster than ever before.

This brand new suite of powerful, yet simple charts and statistics help you find customer insight faster like a Data Rockstar, not a Data Scientist.

  • Find popular products, engagement rates across channels, distribution by age, order counts and more
  • A scannable, holistic view of your entire customer data universe
  • New chart formats like bar, line, distribution, coverage, average, median and more

It’s so fast to get customer insights.

Anna Samkova – Group General Manager for Digital at The PAS Group

It’s all part of our commitment to helping you become a Data Rockstar – delivering value to your customers and business, every day.

An intelligent view of your customer universe

Lexer Identify's holistic data sources

To contextualize the data, attributes are neatly grouped by source and now include aggregated attributes like total spend, order date, birth date.

We’ve boosted glanceability by redesigning each attribute type, and automatically surfacing high-value attributes at the top so you can identify high-value insights quickly.

Extract value from every attribute

Quickly find compelling insights from your data with a range of new graph types.

This unlocks so much value from our data.

Anna Samkova – The PAS Group

See summary statistics on every attribute like purchasing behavior, marketing engagement, lifetime value and site visits.

For example, here we can see the popularity of product categories for this segment to better understand their purchase behaviors to develop next best actions.

Product categories for customer insight

Customer data software for humans

Built for people who want to extract value out of data quickly and with no technical effort.

Lexer makes data simple so you can become a Data Rockstar and spend more time delivering value to your business and engaging customers.

This major update to Lexer Identify helps you deliver encore-worthy personalization using actionable and interesting insights about your audience.

If you’d like to see our recent updates that help you on this journey, visit our announcements page and check out stories from Data Rockstars, aka our clients.


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