Australia and New Zealand’s leading fashion and sportswear retailer has achieved a single customer view in under 15 days.

With eCommerce, app, NPS and engagement data accessible in a CDP, THE ICONIC are re-engaging lapsed customers, cutting down return rates and launching new offerings to the right audience.

Holistic understanding

A live feed from Amazon Redshift continuously updates millions of customer identities in the Lexer Customer Data Platform, each enriched with valuable demographic data.

Chief Marketing Officer Alexander Meyer said the partnership is a win for customer satisfaction and understanding.

Connecting CRM and eCom data from Redshift to a CDP means we can access meaningful insights quickly

Alexander Meyer, Chief Marketing Officer

“Our customers are at the heart of everything we do and having a more holistic understanding on how, why and when they are shopping with us enables us to not only better serve their needs, but increase our customer satisfaction as a whole.” 

Find out more about how THE ICONIC achieved a single customer view and gained the ability to self-serve insights in just 15 days.

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