Customer Segmentation & Analysis Made Easy

We’ve all spent hours manually comparing different customer segments, exporting and sending customer data from team to team for analysis. Using Compare, anyone on your team can compare segments in simple intuitive dashboards and find valuable insights in an instant.

What’s Compare?

The new Compare feature instantly shows the differences and similarities of your customers and prospects, giving you insight into when messaging can apply to a large customer base, and when messages need to be tailored to small groups.
Since Lexer’s mission is to give you an easily accessible 360 degree customer view, Compare is completely integrated with our CDP, making it easy for you to query profiles, build segments, and compare your customer data – all in one place.

Getting Started

With the power of Compare, you can understand the behavioural, demographic, psychographic, and geographic attributes of your high value shoppers. You can use these attributes, along with RFM segmentations, to see how different types of customers vary in their purchasing behaviour, and interactions with your brand on mobile apps, social media, your ecommerce site and in-store. This initial step allows you to see how best to tailor your communications to each audience. Creating highly tailored messages for each customer group will increase engagement with current customers and lookalike audiences, as well as help you win back lost customers.

With Compare, you can select multiple segments to compare against one another and highlight the differences…

Want to know how many of your customers in Sydney buy jeans compared to those in Melbourne? What colours do they prefer?

Since Lexer’s Customer Data Platform ingests NPS data and facilitates collecting NPS via surveys, you can even compare the behaviours and demographics of your promoters vs. detractors.

Pro tip: Use Compare for your customer segmentation analysis when looking for patterns among those who buy online vs. in-store after receiving email campaigns.

What’s Next?

Uncover meaningful insights using Compare to ensure you’re sending relevant and compelling messages to each customer segment.

If you’re not already a client, book a demo and we’ll show you how easy it can be for your team to discover valuable customer insights, and quickly turn them into revenue growth. BOOK A DEMO.


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