Talking to strangers is tough.
But most social customer service teams spend their days talking to strangers.

What if there was a way to understand people better?
A way to ensure genuine engagement?

Lexer Engage now offers an enriched realtime profile of the customer or prospect at the other end of the conversation.

We call this profile an Identity, a living, breathing human who we’ve built a profile about from the myriad of data that Lexer have loaded, unified, enriched and secured.

Each Identity contains tonnes of attributes sourced from public, proprietary and partner data about a person’s life style, customer history, personality, desires & ambitions – all updated in realtime.

Hey yousername

Instead of talking to a username, why not engage genuinely with a valuable customer, a profitable prospect or an influential blogger?

And speak the language of a fitness fanatic, EPL fan or Cat Owner?

What movies are they interested in, what music are they listening to and what brands are they engaged with? Yours? Or a competitor’s?

It’s all in there, in a simple, beautiful panel that is transforming the way our clients deliver genuine engagement in social sales and service.

The best thing?

It’s a global first, and it’s available now.

Really? Really.

Don’t be a stranger.

Book a demo today and find out more about how we can make you a data rockstar.