Work with Lexer

Work with Lexer

Our commitment to being human fuels everything we do here at Lexer, especially the way we work together to achieve data rockstardom.

Seeking Skills

Have a look at the skills we’re seeking in the team. If your skills don’t align, don’t be shy, we just don’t know that we need you yet!

  • Data Analyst

    Help us to translate complex, real time, disparate public and client information into human data that tells a story.

  • Data Project Manager

    Data literacy and project management skills collide in this flexible fixed term role at our Surry Hills offices.

  • Sales Guru

    Our Solutions team are the band of roadies behind some of the greatest data hits of the corporate sector in recent years. Now, we're on the hunt for new talent side stage.

  • Customer Service Mage

    Customer Service champion skilled in the art of tech translation and reporting rigour? We're seeking the next team leader of our support offering.

  • User Experience & Data Visualisation

    User-Centric Design, Data Visualisation, Rapid-Prototyping, Pixel Perfection and no fear in conquering complex UI challenges.

  • Web API Development

    Ruby, Elasticsearch, AWS, PostgreSQL, Scala, Linux, and Devops are just a few words you drop into every conversation.

  • Infrastructure & Automation

    We're seeking amazing Amazon Web Services uber-geeks with proven experience in mission-critical, secure, production environments.

  • Account Management

    We're looking for amazing people to help develop our clients' data smarts from Data Zero, to Data Rockstar.

  • Contact Manager

    We're looking for young, fresh talent to join our team of master word smiths and pursue an interest in social customer service.

  • User Interface Development

    We're seeking web development gurus, data lovers, ruby railers, javascripters, CSS junkies and pixel perfectionists.

Introduce yourself

Come on in and introduce yourself to the team and learn more about what Lexer has to offer.

Say Hi!

Lexer Culture

Data isn’t the only thing we’re known for…


Our offices are packed to the rafters with toys, gadgets and other gorgeous geekdom. We’re especially proud of our formidable Lego collection and the furry friends who come and keep us company.

Food Snobs

Did we mention we have a Meat Smoker? A cafe-grade coffee machine and a penchant for cheese, wine and boutique beers? The team are such connoisseurs of the froth, we even brew our own beer!


We’re a bunch of lovely people working with a growing list of inspiring, top-tier clients. Free from bureaucratic clog and patting a small, furry dog, we’re solving hard, market-first problems.


Each morning, our CFO will make you a coffee, our office Futsal team will relive the recent match and our GoT brainstrust will make sure everyone has seen the latest ep before talking about it.

Team Photos