Yammer Analytics

Yammer Analytics

Yammer Analytics are tools companies use to keep track of employee activity on enterprise social media network, Yammer.

As more and more companies adopt the network as their employee engagement medium of choice, there’s a tremendous opportunity to enhance the use of Yammer through analytics and insight.

Listen to your employees

Lexer Listen is a simple, beautiful and configurable dashboard, integrated with Yammer in a single click.

Our clients use it to interrogate Yammer data in realtime using sophisticated search tools and features.

To give context to the conversations taking place within their network, they can also reach beyond Yammer data to over 400 million publicly available sources.

Reduce Business Risk

Delivering a comprehensive birds-eye view of employee conversations, Lexer Listen means companies can proactively monitor and mitigate non-compliant behaviour. As business critical content is detected, our clients are instantly notified by Email and SMS and primed for the appropriate response.

This function is instrumental in the event of a leak within a company, whereby Listen can be configured to send instant notifications to the Media team upon detection of mentions of embargoed content. In the event of claims of workplace bullying, the HR team can receive instant notifications upon the detection of bullying behaviour within the relevant group.

When you need to know, now, Lexer Listen has you covered.

Enhance Business Performance

Data doesn’t speak, it only responds.

Our support team help clients ask the right questions of Yammer data by setting up tier filters and user accounts tailored to the needs of each department.  Clients can scale their view from granular to network-wide, searching for chatter on certain projects, or even honing in on what individual authors are contributing. Lexer Listen supports multiple languages and can also sort content geographically, geo-fencing any location to capture area specific content.

For example, in the event that a Spanish speaking marketing expert  was required for immediate deployment to a new project, Listen could be configured to find every Author who has posted in Spanish about a list of high-level marketing terms. If a Marketing team were looking to celebrate the way Yammer is improving office productivity, they could use Listen find the top 3 influencers per business division or even country and approach them to become Yammer ambassadors.

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