What is a Holacracy?

What is a Holacracy?

Structuring the workplace

Structure exists to operate an effective organisation.

For organisations like Lexer however, a traditional hierarchy would not encourage our values of creativity and engagement in the workplace.

A rigid structure works for some types of business — but as our style of work shifts, the value in reviewing our institutions and how we operate becomes more important.

Veering away from a traditional tree-based organisational structure, Lexer has adopted a Holacracy, an alternative management system that enables a more circular structure.

Holacracies are…

Self-governing teams organised in circles – an attractive shape for those looking to transcend hierarchy.

Circles encourage the sharing of ideas and collective accountability.

The Holacracy was invented by Brian Robertson, a 35 year-old former programmer with limited management experience. Its popularity has grown in the last decade as a generation of younger CEOs begin to shed convention and pursue alternate approaches to teamwork.


Standup time at Lexer HQ


Lexer embraces approachability and accountability in all aspects of our culture.

We (unintentionally!) pay tribute to this in the shape of our morning standup, where each member of the team circles around our communal table and shares their priorities for the day.

None of our team have a “boss” or a “manager”, but there are specialists in our team that are “GoTo”s — people who have the required skills in a particular area. This may be product, training, grammar, finding good local restaurants, finance, Keynote — whatever the skill is, there will always be someone for you to go to who can share wisdom and offer support.

One of the most valuable GoTo skills at Lexer is getting the morning coffee order right. Our very first GoTo in coffee? Our founder, who still makes the morning coffee on a regular basis.

How’s that for breaking down business boundaries?

We’re always looking for more inspiring and genuine human beings to join us on our data quest. Check out our current vacancies here.

Conventional work structure? Break it down now…