Uptime Funk

Uptime Funk

Our Product team are a crack team of geeks who solve hard, market-first problems each day.

Recently, they set to work improving the topology of the search infrastructure behind our Action Cloud.

Here’s more on the change and how it’s set to shape the future of our infrastructure partnerships.


Hot + warm

To ensure our clients access to the Lexer Action Cloud in rain, hail or shine, we created a second “hot” Elasticsearch cluster to index the last 7 days of content (tweets, Facebook posts etc.). This sits alongside, but is completely separate from, our existing “warm” cluster.

With the hot cluster dedicated to performing interactive searches on the last week’s worth of objects, it’s an ideal destination for searches within Lexer Engage, a social customer service tool used to review and respond to recent posts, as well as recent searches in Lexer Listen.

Now, when a new search comes in, our platform is able to select the best cluster for the nature of the query.

Recent searches in Listen or Engage are sent to the hot cluster, while all other searches are sent to the warm cluster (including Listen or Engage searches outside of the last week’s worth of data).


Searches for objects from the last 7 days make up over 90% of the searches on our system. The recent changes have increased their reliability and made them up to 3 times faster. 

In addition, the ability to index into multiple clusters means that we can experiment and tinker with improved cluster configurations.

As we scale to consume even more content we plan on introducing boiling hot, luke warm and even cold clusters to better deliver quality of service to each of our users.

We’re always on the hunt for new people to help evolve the performance and reliability of our products.

Have a look at the skills we’re seeking in the team– if your skills don’t align, don’t be shy, we just don’t know that we need you yet!