Social Media Influence

Social Media Influence

Against a back drop of white sand and azure blue sea, golden limbs encased in on-trend active wear, the Social Media Influencer performs an amazing yoga pose to an audience of hundreds of thousands of Instagram followers.

Schvitzing heavily in a convoluted pose of their own, the marketer bends over backwards in the hopes of getting their brand featured in the caption.


Picture: Instagram / @casethel by @stevendellamore

Influencer Marketing

Support from big ticket Social Influencers like these ones can be an invaluable third-party endorsement, but imagine if you didn’t have to go out and source it?

Recently, a data savvy client came to us wanting to detect Influencers within their current CRM database.

Here’s how we helped them find and target the influential people already connected with their brand, and a few lessons we learned along the way about the nature of online influence today.

Measuring Influence

First, the Lexer Enrichment Platform unified the company’s CRM data with Social Media data, matching each customer with their profile(s) on social media.

Lexer Identify visualised the result by delivering an enriched Identity of each customer including insights from the combined data universe.

Armed with knowledge about life stage, life style and hundreds of other attributes, our client could now understand their customers like never before.

Then, we set about finding the Influencers.

We built a new attribute to calculate influence based on 3 things about an Identity:

  • Number of followers
  • Following to followers ratio
  • Frequency of content

This new attribute provided our client with a comprehensive and real time list of influencers to go forth and target. An added bonus? An existing customer relationship!

Influence is not uniform

What we found really interesting about this exercise was how much people’s level of influence varied on each social network.

Our client’s Influencers often had low followings on Twitter but a hugely influential presence on Instagram- and vice-versa.

So, to truly understand the nature of influence, marketers need to have a Single Customer View across multiple social networks.

Lexer Identify is a magical mechanism for automating this process, lassoing together a person’s social accounts, combining it with a company’s own data, and delivering a complete view of the customer’s influence across different social networks.

Stop bending over backward

Leave the yoga moves to the professionals and use Lexer Identify to find people already engaged with your brand.

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